Jodie Comer

Jodie Comer is a British actress from Liverpool, England. She has won a British Academy Television Award for Best Actress. Jodie Comer has a golden ratio score 94.52%


Zendaya, in full Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman,  American actor, singer, and dancer who first gained fame for comedic roles on the Disney Channel. Zendaya has a golden ratio score 94.37%

Bella Hadid

Isabella Khairiah "Bella" Hadid was born on October 9, 1996, in Washington, D.C. & raised in Los Angeles, California. Bella Hadid has a golden ratio score 94.35% .


Beyoncé Giselle Knowles was born on September 4, 1981, in Houston, Texas. Beyonce has a golden ratio score 92.44%

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande was born Ariana Grande-Butera on June 26, 1993, in Boca Raton, Florida to Joan Grande, a chief executive officer for Hose. Ariana Grande  has a golden ratio score of 91.81%

Taylor Shift

Taylor Alison Swift is a multi-Grammy award-winning American singer/songwriter, she won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. Taylor Swift has a golden ratio score of 91.64%

Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan Dunn is an English fashion model. She was born in the West London suburb of Greenford, where she grew up with her mother, a receptionist of Jamaican heritage.

Kim Kardashian

Kardashian has become a highly sought-after name and face for a number of high-profile brands.  Kim Kardashian has a golden ratio score of 91.28%

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone, born on 5 January 1986 in Copenhagen, Denmark, is an Indian model and actress. Deepika has a golden ratio score of 91.22%

HoYeon Jung

South Korean model-turned-actor Hoyeon received international recognition after Squid Game, in which she played Kan Sae-byeok.  She has a golden ratio score of 89.63%.