Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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NASA’s Photo of the Interstellar Nebula Has Gone Viral

Day after day, NASA scientists explore the farthest regions of space, and they occasionally bring back the best finds to share with the general public. For example, NASA released a stunning photo...

NASA’s Most Powerful Telescope Ever Launched Successfully on 25th December 2021

NASA finally launches telescope successfully While the billionaire space race attracts more and more tech billionaires and celebrities to the stars, NASA launched a telescope and maintained its scientific mission. NASA's most powerful...

NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter is on its own on the surface of Mars until its take-off date

Space has always been a dream of humanity, and many tech giants are now eyeing to study more about the planet Mars to colonise it. Though making a man live on the...

The U.K to soon start building its comet interception spacecraft

Recently announcing their achievements, U.K. engineers are ready to begin their work on a comet-chasing spacecraft that will track down and map one of the celestial objects in three dimensions. According to...

Starlink to extend its beta service in January 2021

The management of SpaceX on Reddit have answered few of users' queries related to the company’s Starlink satellite-based internet service. Starlink is still in its first stage, and offers limited public data....

Technology at its best: World’s first ‘Living Machine’ created using Artificial Intelligence and Frog Cells

Scientists are the backbone of technology. They mould things into some other things and make inventions. Scientists have used computer Algorithms to evolve the world's first living machine using AI and Frog...

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