Your future dreams are going to be REAL.

And this is not a Joke even. Yes, you are reading right. But how? We are giving you the answer.

We all dreamed about flying cars right? At least once in our childhood or sometimes may be in the adult period also.

In CES 2019 Bell – Nexus displayed a car that can Fly. Unbelievable or not? If you can’t digest this, then what will happen when you see a bike without a rider?

There are some futuristic gadgets displayed in Vegas in this January that will enough to pause your other thots.

So, Get Started

BMW R 1200 GS

You will hardly get a person who doesn’t know about the BMW Company. This motor industry giant presents the prototype of BMW R 1200 GS in CES for the first time. The riderless driving capability is its specialty. Yes, this bike can ride, change gears, take turns, even can stop and start autonomously. But how it runs, BMW Team didn’t disclose that. Not the other basic information.




The purposes to make bike rider less is to make biking safer. Due to the autonomous facility, the bike can automatically detect the over speeding, improper backing, control during the terns and several other incidents that cause accidents. As this can be detected previously, the precautions can be taken. Comfort and smartness if it is the additions.

BMW R 1200 GS will be the gateway of Future Bikes, we hope.

Bell Nexus

This was one of the top attractions in CES-19.

Bell is an American Aerospace manufacturing Company scenes 1935. The manufactured Military Rotorcrafts as well.

Bell presents their future planning regarding Transportation. As the population increases, the transportation turns complicated. The traffic increases, nature balance get hampered. For the solution, Bell thinks to leave the ground and use the blank space on our head.

Their CEO and President Mitch Snyder said, “As space at the ground level becomes limited, we must solve transportation challenges in the vertical dimension – and that’s where Bell’s on-demand mobility vision takes hold.”




Nexus, the flying car has a capacity of five seats including the pilot. Though the planning is to make it Autonomous in its next version. It’s six jumbo size Rotors help it to take off and move. According to Bell, it can get 150miles/h of maximum speed.

UBER declares they bring this flying car as Flying Taxi in 2020. But how the protocol will be, still no one knows.

Jarvish Helmet

If you are a Marvel Fan, you must aware of this name. In reality, Jarvish Helmet is quite similar.

This is the World’s most advanced Smart Helmet. Simply you can say, it serves more than protection during rides. Voice assistant supports, commands, front and rear cameras, noise reduction technology, GPS all are included.



Its distraction-free Head-up display activates through the voice command. You can also take or reject calls, navigate your routes, look back via voice commands in a single display. Their own algorithms manage all this for you very easily.

It costs around $899. Cool, right?

We are eagerly waiting for all these technologies to make our life smarter, better and safer. ~ Stay Updated