The Taiwanese tech giant, Samsung has showcased their brand new 8K QLED TV that will go on sale from the end of this month

The consumer electronic goods especially the Televisions is mostly dominated by 3 major brands – Sony, Samsung & LG. Well, at this IFA 2018 we have seen some spectacular things and now Samsung has added its charm to the show as well…



Apart from LG, the Taiwanese tech giant has taken a giant leap to make its first 8K QLED TV. The brand has already showcased it at the IFA 2018 & has promised to make it available by the end of this month.

At the show, Samsung unveiled its first 8K TV, the Q900R. It has a QLED panel and has 4 size variants – 65-inch, 75-inch, 82-inch & the 85-inch.



The panel supports a peak brightness of 4,000 nits and also supports the new HDR10+ format, backed by Samsung itself & Amazon.

The major disadvantage of 8K TVs is that as for now it does not have any 8K content to show. So, Samsung has done an innovative thing by making its own upscaling technology.

Samsung has made an “8K AI Upscaling” feature and has embedded into the TV. So, this AI in the TV will automatically detect your digital content format and upscale it to 8K, so that you do not regret after buying the 8K QLED TV.


Samsung's new 8K QLED TV available from this month


Well, Samsung has already stated that it will make its TV available by the end of September. But as for price, no confirmation has been stated by the company, but you can expect it to reveal by the end of the month.


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