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Tips & Tricks for the Best Battery Life on the Samsung S23 Ultra

Although some may complain that the Galaxy S23 Ultra‘s battery is equal to that of its predecessor, it nevertheless boasts a mammoth 5,000 mAh capacity. The flagship’s overall durability has improved as a result of numerous software improvements and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip’s increased efficiency. When these factors are considered collectively, the phone becomes a far superior option for individuals seeking a full day of use.

However, a few consumers have complained that the battery life on their Galaxy S23 Ultra is not as good as they would want. Hence, in order to assist you to get the most battery life out of your phone, here are some Galaxy S23 Ultra tips and tricks. These tips and techniques are intended to make sure you are aware of the several ways to increase the battery life of your Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Dark Mode

Tips & Tricks for the Best Battery Life on the Samsung S23 Ultra

Start by enabling dark mode on your device. The phone has an OLED display, which means the pixels automatically turn off to conserve battery life whenever the wallpaper is set to be dark or when portions of the wallpaper are black.

Adjust the refresh rate and screen resolution

image 57 Tips & Tricks for the Best Battery Life on the Samsung S23 Ultra

For viewing documents or photographs, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s LTPO OLED panel enables it to reduce the refresh rate all the way to 1Hz. The phone operates at a 120Hz refresh rate in all other circumstances. You can alter the resolution to FHD+ and lower the refresh rate to 60Hz. The latter doesn’t matter, but you won’t get the same fluid scrolling if you lower the refresh rate.

Adaptive brightness

image 59 Tips & Tricks for the Best Battery Life on the Samsung S23 Ultra

The next suggestion is to enable adaptive brightness. Although not everyone prefers this, the phone’s excellent viewing angles make it unnecessary to always have the brightness at its highest setting. Also, because the panel does consume a sizable amount of battery, it is preferable to set it to adaptive so that it can change its brightness depending on the lighting conditions.

Disable Always-On Display

image 60 Tips & Tricks for the Best Battery Life on the Samsung S23 Ultra

With One UI 5.1, Samsung has been doing Always-on-Display justice, and it has only gotten better. For people who want their phones’ batteries to last as long as possible, it is not the best option. Of course, some battery is consumed when the display panel is on. In theory, this shouldn’t matter, however, the AOD does drain the battery if you like to fully charge your mobile before bed.

Activate Light Performance Mode

image 61 Tips & Tricks for the Best Battery Life on the Samsung S23 Ultra

The Galaxy S23 Ultra has a Light Performance mode you can activate to improve battery life. Thankfully, testing has shown that the mode really has no impact on how the phone functions and may be used without risk.

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