Are You Tired of Windows or Linux? Then Try the Smartest OS in the World: Octoroit Virtual OS

Are you running Windows 7 still? Or you hate windows 10? Tired of your Linux? Then there’s a good news for you… The Indian company OTTA Systems has brought their first OS in the market named Octoroit Virtual OS…

Amazing this about this OS is that you can keep Octoroit Virtual OS on top of your windows and work seamlessly.

Well here’ a glimpse:




Impressive right? Well getting that kind of stuff is quite easy… Now what are the system requirements to have such a great OS :

  • Platform: Windows 7 or onwards
  • Memory: RAM- 1GB & More, HDD- 300MB and More
  • Framework: Microsoft .net 4.0 or higher
  • Required fonts: Segoe UI, ABeeZeeBungee Inline



Here are few of the 25 pre-installed applications:


Octoroid Virtual OS


Anssel Studio
Get Perfect Image Out Of Ordinary. 

Anssel Studio is a simple yet Feature-Rich Image Editor. Bunch of Filters to make things a little bit snappier. It has all the basic functions like

  • Brightness / Contrast Control
  • Hue, Lightness and Saturation Control
  • Grayscale  Control


Octoroid Virtual OS

All Your Photos In One Place

Photos app is the place where you can find all your photos. You can create your own Albums and Stay Organised.
The Best Photos App Made in Visual Basic Yet.

MIUI 9.5 Released…What’s New in it?


Octoroid Virtual OS


Epops Boombox
Let’s Dab and Wiggggle.

The most Beautiful and Modern looking music player Ever.   Blur Effects and Full Screen mode makes this player even more pleasing to the eyes.
Now you can enjoy your playlist in even more style.

Octoroid Virtual OS

Freq Radio
Enjoy Internet Radio

When You don’t want to listen to your old playlist
and don’t have any new songs to play,  then you can enjoy listening to Radio. Anytime anywhere.
Radios Play pretty good songs too.


Octoroid Virtual OS


Tron Web Browser
Surf The Web With Ease.

Tron is a Web Browser. That’s It. Nothing Fancy Here. But Its Looks Better than any other Web browser out there made in Visual Basic. Innit?

Of Course.

Octoroid Virtual OS

Epops Video Player
See it. Hear it. Feel it.

Enjoy OSX Style Boarder-less Video Playback.
Minimalist Look, Smoother Video Playback and Easy to Use Interface. Border-less Design makes your watching experience better.

Octoroid Virtual OS

OTTA Paint
Draw Your Imagination.

Octoroit has the best Paint app. You never gonna find a paint application look this good, in any other Visual Basic OS. It has a Color Picker that can pick any color from your screen. It has a Brush, a Pen, a Pencil and an Eraser to get rid of wrong lines.
So draw whatever you want, in any color you want.

Octoroid Virtual OS

NEO Studio 1.0
Because Coding is Fun.

NEO  is a Native Programming Language for Octoroit. You Can Create some Basic Programs like creating Variables, Integers and Assign a value to them dynamically. You can Iterate something and can print some strings. Every Basic Stuff. It also supports color to make your program look better.
So Check it out and write a program in NEO,
Cuz Coding is fun.
(Code Demo Is Provided in the App)

Octoroid Virtual OS

Octoroit Terminal
GUI is boring Sometimes.

The terminal is here to take you to the old school days. Some Times GUI can be frustrating too. That time Terminal comes in handy. You can get every Information about your computer, change settings and can do some pretty interesting stuff.
Some Built-in ASCII Drawing to make things a little bit more interesting.

Octoroid Virtual OS

Nokia 8110- The Revamped Banana 4G Phone

Security Guard
Secure-ness Built Right In.

Security Guard is an Anti Virus app built right into Octoroit. So You can safely surf the Internet and Download Stuff.
It Protects you from Malicious Programs and Keyloggers. Stay Secure All The time with Security Guard.


So, isn’t Octoroit Virtual OS cool? Not yet satisfied? Well here are the things I like in the OS are:


[slideshow_deploy id=’977′]



I hope now you like the OS now…Well, it is top in 2017 and has made a record…

You can download the installer here:

Download and install these fonts first:  ABeeZee   Bungee Inline   Segoe UI

Download Regular Setup  ( Install it like any other Windows Software )

Download Unwrapped File  ( No need to install. Just extract it and run the ‘.exe’ file )

Now in 2018 the Octoroit OS has become paid software which you have to buy with Rs.199 through Tez or PhonePe…

I have updated the links for you all 🙂

Need help with the installation? Watch this then…


By this time I think you have installed the OS and enjoying the features…Well, personally I am a fan of this OS and I run it on my laptop as well as on my PC…

If you liked my post then do like it down and leave comments for your suggestions… 🙂

See you again folks… 🙂





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