Good News Mi Fans, MIUI 9.5 has just rolled out…See what’s new in MIUI 9.5…

A few months back we saw the MIUI 9 got released with loads of new features…Now, Xiaomi has started the rollout of MIUI 9.5 Global Stable ROM for a host of smartphones in the Redmi and Mi series and has also detailed the complete release schedule of the update for devices that will receive it in the upcoming weeks.



Good news is that the complete rollout of MIUI 9.5 is to be completed by mid-April…The MIUI 9.5 Global Stable ROM update is around 1GB in size and is currently being seeded through the Google Play channel, however, it is also available on the MIUI forum page.

Here is the complete list of smartphones that will receive the update in the allocated time frame:


MIUI 9.5


So, here are all the new features in the MIUI 9.5:


MIUI 9.5


Favorites Folder: All You Love is Just a Heart Away!

Life happens in a flash, memories are forever! Certainly, that’s true, and so we, at MIUI, want you to relive the best moments of your life, reminisce what matters most. A smartphone gallery is a representative collection of what makes you, and some precious moments climb the ladder top and sit tight. MIUI Gallery now comes with a ‘Favorites Folder’ – where you can collect the quintessential moments through the time, all you love is just a ‘heart’ away.
MIUI 9.5
New Notification Shade
The new Notification shade now presents information in a more concise and comprehensive way. It groups all notifications on a by-app basis to reduce clutter. You can even quickly reply to messages without opening the app

See more, do more. You can now see more information such as images, text, or even the profile photos of your contact. You can even interact with the app without leaving the app you’re currently using. 
MIUI 9.5
Sound Recording Options for Screen Recorder: Now Record Audio Internally
Screen Recorder is one of the most loved and unique features of MIUI introduced back in the early times of MIUI 8. It had 3 sound source options back then – Mute, Mic, and Speaker. Apart from the first two options, Speaker option helps MIUI users to capture audio from their device’s internal system itself. It was very helpful for them to capture their phone screens to create video tutorials which need system sounds to be recorded, now it’s coming back.
MIUI 9.5
Mi Browser
With each bit of feedback, Mi is improving your MIUI, update by update; new optimizations and changes taking it to the top. Mi Browser has got some new cool optimizations and features, explore the newly introduced changes:
MIUI 9.5

1. Revamped Start Page and Optimized Performance
2. Quick Search Options
3. Adjusted the Position of the Search Bar
4. Optimized Browser’s Kernel
5. Preset keywords for searching sites via URLs Quickly
6. Redesigned Menu Tab
MIUI 9.5
Mi Mover: Now transfer apps with or without app data & Resume interrupted transfers
As someone wisely said once, the true design challenge doesn’t simply end at maintaining minimalism, but it’s about constant enhancement without adding more friction. 

Mi Mover – one such element of the above-mentioned philosophy, got one more choice. Now, while moving your data from your old to a new phone, you can choose along with the app whether or not you want to move the app data. App data greatly affects the time of transfer, and for some apps, you can always get it back by just signing in, also now you can enjoy resuming the interrupted transfer in Mi Mover.
MIUI 9.5
Mi Drop: Resume interrupted transfers

Often it happens that during a large file transferring process, interruptions kicks in often for one or other reason. Mi Drop now supports resuming a Broken-point file transfer which allows you to resume your transferring after interruptions.
MIUI 9.5
One-time Data Limit: share Wi-Fi hotspot with confidence
“Hey, can you lend me a Wi-Fi hotspot for a while?”
“Oh yeah, why not!”

The short rife excerpt from everyday conversation, where sometimes you might end up sharing more data than the defined threshold, because not every other friend is same and not every other phone understands not to resume the long list of update of apps while connected to a hotspot. Ever wanted to share the hotspot with a guilt-free yes? well, now you can! MIUI 9 brings you an option to pre-define the limit of mobile data to share via Wi-Fi hotspot, now share your data without a second thought, and with a snicker (and a thought “Dude, I got you under control”).
MIUI 9.5
App Lock: Now with new protection styles!
Different heads, different thoughts. This time MIUI has made changes to the choices of password protection styles in app lock feature. Your favorite feature app lock now comes with three choices for setting a password, be it a pattern, alphanumeric password or a numeric PIN.
MIUI 9.5
Full-Screen Gestures: easier navigation
Everything changes, but the change is a variable that is constant. The primary ways of how we interact with our smartphones are changing, from a physical keyboard to touch keys – ending in 2017, to the mainstream on-screen navigation keys for full-screen display experience, and with that, we are stepping into a phase of fresh challenges and new horizons.

With the recent updates, one more feature for full-screen display device – MIX 2, it’s called Full-Screen Gestures. Full-screen gestures help you eliminate the on-screen navigation keys and replace it with gestures instead, completely.
MIUI 9.5
Quick Dial: Connect Faster to Your Beloved Ones:
Lightning Fast – MIUI 9, following the philosophy behind, we design each and every feature that adds to the experience and at the same time to the whole design philosophy. This time MIUI has made changes to make the dialing quicker, by adding a feature, Quick Dial, true to its name.
MIUI 9.5
Group Mode: Make Folders and Arrange Apps Effortlessly on Homescreen
Cleverly arranged designs have been a primary element of MIUI since the start. MIUI 9 introduced some key changes on how you interact with your home screen. MIUI 9.5 Developer ROM recently made changes to make this even more effortless. Now grouping two or more apps is super easy, just select the apps you wanna group in a category, press one icon and you are done.
Meet the Completely Redesigned Mi Music Player
We design each and every feature that adds to the experience and at the same time to the whole design philosophy. This time we have a special surprise for you, we are making changes to Mi Music app, a complete redesign from the ground zero.

Mi Music has been one very important app of MIUI, an important tool for managing your local music and playlist. To make it more convenient and add to the experience we have been redesigning the app from the scratch.
Well, these where the changed features…which one did you like the most? Comment your views in the section below…
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