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You (Season 4)- Part 1: Everything We Need to Know about Joe Goldberg’s Psychological Thriller Series

Netflix unveils the trailer of the first part of the Season 4 of You. The new show has featured Penn Badgley as the serial killer Joe Goldberg. The brand-new trailer provides the cast collaborating on the show for Season 4 set to reveal the next story chapter of Joe’s blood-soaked tale. The fans also will be delighted to learn that the filming has started for season 4. You are Netflix’s Original romantic crime drama series made by Greg Berlanti and also revolved around the novels You and Hidden Bodies by the author Sera Gamble. 

It seems that the series had been mainly on Lifetime before Netflix has been picked up the series as an original. After You landed on Netflix the popularity of the series has been exploded and watched by over 54 million households across the world. 


The first part has exposed some of the intriguing aspects of Joe Goldberg’s psyche. Releasing earlier than previously scheduled, season 4 takes the story about the deranged psychopath forward. 

Based on the eponymous book series written by Caroline Kepnes, You is a psychological thriller, which follows the enigmatic Joe, as he gets dangerously obsessed with anyone, he takes a specific interest in. 

Expectations from the first part of season 4 are particularly high since the successes of similar shows on Netflix. 

Earlier in 2022, the streaming giant released Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (2022) about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. The show, which has been met with widespread positive reception, was renewed for a second season early in November 2022. 

The Watcher is another one of the major hits on Netflix’s psychological thriller or true crime content list. The show’s incredible success led Netflix to renew it for a second season. 

yo2 You (Season 4)- Part 1: Everything We Need to Know about Joe Goldberg's Psychological Thriller Series

You (Season 4): Trailer Details 

The first part of the trailer provides a sneak peek into the psyche of Joe, as he treads along the lanes of London. Intrigue sets in when it is revealed that Joe is not the only murderer in town. There is another person, referred to as the ‘eat-the-rich killer’ who targets the ‘circle of privileged douchebags.’ 

We will observe a paradigm shift is observed as Joe transitions from being a killer to a detective when he sets on a quest to find the new killer. The trailer unveils Joe enjoying themself as a literature professor who teaches under the name of Jonathan Moore and shows Tati Gabrielle reappearing as Marienne Bellamy as Joe’s love interest. 

It further reveals Joe’s ways as a teacher and his constant struggle to steer away from falling for a woman and controlling his murderous tendencies. 

You (Season 4): Expectation 

Nick will find Marianne” 

Joe once again changed their identity and also now going by the name of Nick. It is not very surprising as He would have to change his identity considering the name of Joe Goldberg-Quinn is famous in the USA thanks to Joe for successfully pinning all of the Madre Linda murders on love. 

Now, rather Joe in Paris is searching for Marianne starts.; There is an expert stalker, Marianne needed in Paris and then Joe will definitely find her sooner or faster than later. 

yo5 You (Season 4)- Part 1: Everything We Need to Know about Joe Goldberg's Psychological Thriller Series

Marianne will be happy after seeing Joe. 

While Marianne came across to the home and was confronted by Love, Joe also was incapacitated at the time. The fact is Love initially desired to kill Marianne’s daughter, Juliette which also swayed their hand of Love. 

After resisting the urge to murder Marianne and it also seemed like Love was somehow able to convince Marianne of Joe’s wrongdoings, and as Marianne has never seen Joe incapacitated onto the floor of the dining room and it also will be with his word against Love’s while they meet. 

It also provides the chance that Marianne may even believe that Joe is dead and also assume that she has been following the news of Madra Linda that also reported that Joe has been one of the victims of Love. 

Marianne is not foolish. Seeing Je in the flesh while he has been supposed to be dead will rise serious suspicion and just not to mention as he would not even have just his son, now Henry that also Joe will somewhat have to convince Marianne that also leaving his son behind was what was the best for him. 

yo7 You (Season 4)- Part 1: Everything We Need to Know about Joe Goldberg's Psychological Thriller Series

Joe’s past triggers him 

It is assumed that from one location to the next, wherever Joe comes a trail of bodies lies in his wake just like he had not necessarily killed them himself. It seems that how many people also have been directly or indirectly along with Joe also will have to catch up eventually. 

It seems that the Parisian police are not going to be looking for a dead man. It seems that Joe somehow finds himself in the custody and also with American authorities to be contacted and it would not take such lengths to put the two together just before they realize that Joe has faked his death and also fled from the country. 

It seems not that hard to connect all of the murders from Madra Linda., to L.A., and also come back to his life in New York to then identify as a serial killer. 

You (Season 4):  Cast 

It currently stands that the only confirmed cast member who also will be returning for the fourth season of You Is Penn Badgley. We completely expect Tati Gabrielle to reprise her role as Marianne in the latest season. 

yo3 You (Season 4)- Part 1: Everything We Need to Know about Joe Goldberg's Psychological Thriller Series

You (Season 4):  New Cast 

It seems that in February 2022, it was declared that Lukas Gage had joined the cast of You Season 4. 

Gage also will play Adam who is also an American expert and the little son of a wealthy East-Coast magnate. He has been described as an entrepreneur and also a gambler, Adam is a warm and also funny party host and fast friend but just like Joe, also hides many secrets. 

Lukas Gage is perhaps best popular known for playing Tyler on HBO’s Euphoria but you will also soon be seeing him on Peacock’s Angelyne. 

In late March and April 2022, the remaining You Season 4 cast had been assembled. At first, it was reported that ex-Eastenders actress Tilly Keeper will be joining the cast of You season 4 back in March. We have seen the keeper portrayed the role of lady Phoebe in the latest series that also explained the role of Lady Phoebe in this new series that ravels as an “aristocratic socialite with an avid fan base, Phoebe’s true colors show when she’s alone with her friends” 

The British actress Charlotte Ritchie declared to be joining the cast. 

Amy Leigh Hickman popular for Ackley Bridge will play Nadia “a literature major with a love of genre storytelling and the inspiration to be a serious author” 

Ed Speleers who currently features Netflix’s Against the Ice but is also known for Outlander and Downton Abbey will perform the role of Rhys. Rhys is described as an “author whose memoir garnered him acclaim and pressure to launch a political career. 

Now rounding out the newcomers includes: 

  • Alison Pargeter as Dawn 
  • Ben Wiggins as Roald 
  • Stephen Hagen as Malcolm 
  • Adam James as Elliot 
  • Eve Austin as Gemma 
  • Eve Austin as Gemma 
  • Nicky Lin as Sophia 
  • Aiden Cheng as Simon 
  • Sario Coates as Connie 
  • Ozioma When a Blessing 
  • Brad Alexander as Edward 
  • Jadesola Odunjo as Victoria 

You (Season 4): Release Date 

The first three seasons of You are already streaming on Netflix. The first part of Season 4 coming on Netflix on 10th February 2023. Part 2 is set to follow on 10th March 2023. 

Here is the trailer: 

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