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A New Xbox Series X White Model Is Coming To Users: New Rumours Say

According to new rumours Microsoft is going to release a new Xbox Series X white model with all – digital model later this year. This news is quite surprising, but not shocking.

Till now Microsoft has launched various gaming consoles and its Series X and Series S are the latest in the series. At the time of their launch there were speculations about their colours, and both gaming consoles were launched in different colours.

Now once again, talk about the Xbox Series X white model has arose, and in this article, we are going to talk about that. So, without any more delays, let’s dive in.

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WhatsApp Image 2024 03 01 at 10.13.28 jpeg A New Xbox Series X White Model Is Coming To Users: New Rumours Say

Xbox Series X White Model

Recently new rumours are surfacing on various platforms that Microsoft is going to release a new Xbox Series X white all – digital model. This release is expected anytime later in this year.

As you may already know that the Xbox S Series was initially released as a white model. On the other hand the Xbox Series X was launched in the black colour. At that time there were no reasons provided for this colour choice, expect to make the gaming consoles look different from each other.

But recently, some upgraded version of the Xbox Series S was released in black edition. It can be probably to make it look different from the earlier launched gaming console. Now, it is said that in the same fashion Microsoft is planning to launch Xbox Series X white model.

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This is what Exputer has said, claiming to have heard this from sources. According to him, the sources have revealed some confidential information to the outlet, and because of that, we can expect the Xbox Series X white model later this year.

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Adding further information about this Xbox Series X white model, it is said that it will be an all-digital console similar to the Xbox Series S. Reportedly, it can launch anytime between June and July of this year. Although we also have to prepare for a delay, which is expected and possible,.

In addition to this, the Xbox Series X white model is said to feature some more feature. Although it will be available in a white colour and in all – digital it will also include an improved heatsink. Also it will have an upgraded Nexus socket.

We are also hearing that this Xbox Series X white model will drop the disc drive, so there are also chances that Microsoft can sell this for low prices. The new price range is expected to be lower than current Series X model.

However, we must note here that till now Microsoft or any related personnel haven’t announced or commented anything yet. So, we have to take everything with a grain of salt until there is an official announcement of Xbox Series X white model.


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