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Easy step-by-step guide to get verified on Twitter in 2022

You may now apply to be verified on Twitter and earn a blue checkmark next to your name, indicating that your account isn’t a spammer, troll, or bot. To be considered for verification on Twitter, you must authenticate your identity, have a prominent presence on and off on the platform, maintain an active account, and submit a request for consideration.

Micro-influencers thought leaders, and small enterprises, in particular, should register for verification and obtain the blue badge so that false accounts cannot mimic them.

Having a verified account makes it more difficult for scammers to use your identity to promote misinformation, hold bogus competitions to steal your followers’ information, and other activities that contribute to distrust.


A step-by-step process to become verified on Twitter:

To get verified, follow the steps below:

  • Make sure your profile is active according to Twitter’s guidelines.
  • By clicking “request verification” in your account settings, you may begin the verification process.
  • Click “Start Now” to see a window with more information about Twitter verification.
  • Choose the appropriate category to show Twitter who you are.
  • Demonstrate that you choose the appropriate category (e.g., your official website, articles about you, etc.).
  • Provide an official email address, a website, or a government-issued identification card to prove your identity.
  • Wait for Twitter to respond after pressing “submit.”

Twitter has three verified account requirements.

Getting confirmed on this platform has never been easier than it is now, thanks to Twitter’s most current verification criteria. To be considered for verification, your account must have three characteristics: it must be active, significant, and authentic.

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Make sure your Twitter account is active:

A Twitter account that is active has a profile name and image, has been logged into at least once in the last six months, and has a confirmed email address or phone number associated with it. You should also check to see if you’ve broken any Twitter rules in the last six months that could have resulted in a 12-hour or seven-day lockout.

Twitter also suggests that you use your true name or brand name as your profile name, that your profile photo and cover photo appropriately depict what you’re about, and that your bio includes an area of expertise or company mission—in other words, really sell yourself.

We recommend creating a regular posting schedule a few weeks to a month before submitting your verification request if you want to ensure that your account activity matches Twitter’s criteria. The following are two simple steps to follow:

Log into Buffer and schedule tweets for the next 30 days.

Make an effort to interact with your fans through mentions and direct messaging (easily done with Buffer Engage).

You can send your Twitter account in for verification after you’re confident it’s active.

Log into Buffer and schedule tweets for the next 30 days.

Make an effort to interact with your fans through mentions and direct messaging (easily done with Buffer Engage).

You can send your Twitter account in for verification after you’re confident it’s active.

inactive twitter account policy Easy step-by-step guide to get verified on Twitter in 2022

You should have a well-known Twitter account:

Your profile should be linked to a well-known or influential brand or individual. Because the first thing you’ll be asked to do during the verification procedure is “Tell us who you are,” notoriety is critical. The six Twitter categories of notability are as follows:

1. The Government category includes state and federal government officials, public offices, official candidates, public utilities, and other individuals in positions of leadership.

2. The companies, brands, and organisations category is for well-known businesses, brands, and organisations (such as non-profits, startups, and small businesses) as well as their leaders.

3. News organisations and journalists refers to both official news organisations and individual journalists, such as magazines, newspapers, broadcast and cable television.

4. Entertainment refers to companies in the entertainment industry, such as record labels, film festivals, and television networks.

5. Official sports leagues, esports leagues, sports teams, and other sports organisations are eligible to participate in sports and gaming.

6. Activists, organisers, and other influential people is for people of high public interest who don’t fit into the professional categories above—medical professionals, local public figures and political leaders, for example—but are still vulnerable to impersonation.

You must give documentation that you are eligible for your category in order to qualify. If you wish to be verified as a journalist, for example, you’ll need to submit links to three bylines or credits in recognised publications.


Authenticity is required for your Twitter account:

You must be who you claim you are in order for your account to be authentic. You can confirm your identity on Twitter in one of three ways:

Provide a link to your website in the first paragraph (the website needs to have a clear link to your account).

2. Show a photo of a government-issued identification card.

3. Give an official email address with a domain that is relevant.

You must upload your evidence of identity to complete your verification form, so have it ready before clicking “Start Now.”

Final Words:

We hope that this article helps you in getting your account verified, also let us know below if you have any other successful hack for getting a blue tick on your account.

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