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upGrad owns Exampur to create India’s largest test preparation platform for government jobs

upGrad, a prominent player in higher education technology in Asia, announced a full merger with Exampur, one of India’s top exam preparation companies for government positions, for an undisclosed sum, driven by its commitment to a deep India penetration. Exampur expects to generate INR 70 crores (USD 7.5 Mn) in income this fiscal year.

upGrad acquires Exampur

The Noida-based learning platform, co-founded in 2018 by Vivek Kumar and Vardan Gandhi, has over 10 million users and provides over 200 test-prep courses for govt jobs. The majority of the content is delivered through its 27+ YouTube channels, which include ones for the UPSC, SSC, Defence, Banking, Teaching, and other State-level Government job prep.

upGrad owns Exampur to create India's largest test preparation platform for government jobs
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With an average audience of 2.5 million students and a combined subscriber base of over 12 million, Exampur dominates the Hindi-speaking markets in New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar. 90% of Exampur’s paying customers come from tier II, tier III, and tier IV markets.

Word from Gaurav

President of Corporate Development in upGrad, Gaurav Kumar said that they have developed an integrated learning portfolio for the students, and within that matrix, test preparation is one of the areas with the highest growth potential.

He is aware that although it has a high customer acquisition cost (CAC), it also yields better results. They sought a partner with the appropriate DNA in this field, and Exampur fits perfectly into their LifeLongLearning puzzle.

upGrad owns Exampur to create India's largest test preparation platform for government jobs
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He continued by saying he is confident that Vivek and Vardan’s day-to-day live delivery capabilities with 200+ teachers through its channel are set to reshape colloquial learning for a broader base of youth across Bharat because both have an extremely clear goal of becoming enablers rather than just providing a content library.

Moreover, Exampur also provides value-added services including online test series, free quizzes, and live scholarship exams to assist hopefuls in evaluating their professional competencies and streamlining their educational journey as necessary. Candidates who use it have access to one of the largest collections of study materials and an extensive collection of electronic books.

About the Development

Vivek and Vardan, co-founders of Exampur, commented on the situation in a joint statement, stating that it is indisputable that the number of educated applicants in India is increasing tremendously even though many are unemployed. The pandemic-related disturbances, geopolitical circumstances, and rising inflation that are adversely affecting the employment elasticity in the nation are also supporting it.

upGrad owns Exampur to create India's largest test preparation platform for government jobs
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Since they want students to go above and beyond to comprehend the secret to passing such difficult tests, they have developed a hybrid learning approach using our online presence.

They are pleased to have strong leadership backing from upGrad, who have already developed a company that is poised to outlive its competitors and will hasten our growth shortly. They hope to establish Exampur as a household name and believe that upGrad would help them get there quickly.

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