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Tuxedo Sirius 16: World’s First All-AMD Linux Gaming Laptop Unveiled

Tuxedo Computers has released what could be considered the world’s first Linux laptop in a long while, known as the Sirius 16 Gen 1 (via Phoronix). This all-AMD laptop features the Ryzen 7 7840HS (Phoenix) and the RX 7600M XT, with options for extensive RAM and storage configurations. Boasting impressive specifications, akin to its non-gaming 14-inch counterpart, the laptop’s gaming performance relies on the gaming readiness of the Linux platform.

World’s First All-AMD Linux Gaming Laptop: Tuxedo Sirius 16

In terms of hardware, Tuxedo has taken a well-balanced approach with the Sirius 16. Despite its 16-inch size, the laptop maintains a slim 2.2 cm profile, distinguishing it from bulkier high-end devices. While the inclusion of the RX 7600M XT may impose some limitations on performance, it remains a capable GPU, also employed in recent GPUs. The 7600M XT is a fitting choice for a 16-inch device like the Sirius 16, recognizing the preference for more compact gaming laptops.

A pivotal reason behind Tuxedo’s exclusive use of AMD hardware lies in Linux compatibility. Thanks to the advancements made by the AMD-powered Steam Deck, AMD’s GPUs likely provide the most robust support among gaming GPU vendors. The Steam Deck, driven by an AMD APU using RDNA 2 architecture (one version behind the 7600M XT’s RDNA 3), has played a substantial role in paving the way for Linux gaming.

Given the inherent advantages of an AMD GPU, pairing it with a Ryzen APU is a logical step for the Sirius 16. This configuration ensures a straightforward graphics driver setup, with the APU’s integrated graphics serving non-gaming purposes seamlessly through the MUX switch enabling easy switching between discrete and integrated graphics. While the spec sheet mentions a “hybrid graphics mode,” it remains unclear if the Radeon 780M iGPU can be used in conjunction with the 7600M XT.

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The Sirius 16 offers extensive customization options, supporting up to 96GB of DDR5 memory at 5,600 MHz and accommodating two M.2 SSDs for sizable storage. Tuxedo provides choices like Samsung’s 990 Pro 4TB and Crucial’s P3 Plus 4TB, offering 8TB of storage out of the box.

Shipping with Tuxedo OS (a derivative of Ubuntu) by default, the laptop also supports Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Ubuntu Budgie. Available for purchase starting December 8, the base configuration, featuring 16GB of RAM and 500GB of storage, is priced at 1,699 euros (approximately $1,860.32). Importantly, Tuxedo ships internationally, making the Sirius 16 accessible beyond Europe.


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