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Top 5 Players with the Most Ducks in IPL history

Most Ducks in IPL : In the high voltage drama of the Indian Premier League (IPL), where every run counts, there’s a side of the game that no player wishes to be associated with – getting dismissed for a duck.

Let’s have a look into more details : Most Ducks in IPL

PlayersTotal No of Ducks
Glenn Maxwell17*
Dinesh Karthik17*
Rohit Sharma17*
Piyush Chawla15
Mandeep Singh15
Sunil Narine15
Rashid Khan15

1. Glenn Maxwell – 17*

Known for his explosive batting prowess, Royal Challengers Bangalore’s Glenn Maxwell leads the ignominious list with 17 golden ducks. Despite occasional struggles with consistency, Maxwell remains a valuable asset, amassing 2719 runs in 121 IPL innings. His aggressive approach and knack for quick runs make him a vital cog in RCB’s batting lineup.

image 15 52 Top 5 Players with the Most Ducks in IPL history

2. Dinesh Karthik – 17*

Dinesh Karthik, recognized for his fluctuating performances, holds the unfortunate distinction of sharing the top spot with Maxwell. Over his 16 season IPL tenure, Karthik has been dismissed for a duck on 17 occasions. Despite this, his overall contributions to various franchises cannot be undermined, showcasing resilience and adaptability throughout his IPL journey.

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image 15 53 jpg Top 5 Players with the Most Ducks in IPL history

3. Rohit Sharma – 17*

The Mumbai Indians , Rohit Sharma, holds a formidable record in the IPL, both as a player and a leader. Despite accumulating 16 ducks in 238 innings, Sharma’s standing as one of the top batsmen in the league remains unblemished. With 6211 runs at an average of 29.58, Sharma exemplifies batting prowess and resilience in the face of adversity.

image 15 54 jpg Top 5 Players with the Most Ducks in IPL history

4. Piyush Chawla – 15

As a lower order batter and spinner, Piyush Chawla has faced his fair share of golden ducks in the IPL. With 15 dismissals without opening his account, Chawla’s contributions with both bat and ball have been crucial for various franchises. His handy batting and bowling skills make him a versatile asset in any team’s lineup.

image 15 55 Top 5 Players with the Most Ducks in IPL history

5. Mandeep Singh – 15

Despite being a floater throughout his IPL career, Mandeep Singh has faced the wrath of the cricketing gods on 15 occasions, being dismissed for a duck. Representing teams like the Punjab Kings, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and the Kolkata Knight Riders, Singh’s contributions extend beyond mere numbers, showcasing resilience and determination on the field.

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image 15 56 jpg Top 5 Players with the Most Ducks in IPL history

6. Sunil Narine – 15

Sunil Narine, known for his explosive batting and crafty bowling, finds himself in the company of players with 15 ducks in the IPL. Despite his occasional struggles with the bat, Narine’s bowling prowess and ability to turn matches on their heads make him a valuable asset for the Kolkata Knight Riders and other franchises he’s represented over the years.

image 15 57 Top 5 Players with the Most Ducks in IPL history

7. Rashid Khan – 15

Rashid Khan, the prominent leg spinner from Afghanistan, currently playing for Gujarat Titans, holds the unfortunate record for the most ducks among current cricketers. Despite his struggles with getting out for zero, Rashid Khan has showcased his ability to hit long balls, making valuable contributions with both bat and ball for his team.

image 15 58 jpg Top 5 Players with the Most Ducks in IPL history

In a league defined by its unpredictability and fierce competition, these players stand as a testament to the highs and lows of the IPL journey. While ducks may tarnish their records, their overall contributions to the sport remain invaluable, enriching the cricketing spectacle with moments of brilliance and resilience.


  1. Who holds the record for the most ducks in IPL history?

    Glenn Maxwell, Dinesh Karthik, and Rohit Sharma jointly hold the record with 17 ducks each

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