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The Big 4: We are going to enter into the world of Assassination

Netflix has dropped the new trailer, ‘The Big 4’.  The unique dynamic is based on the story in the upcoming Indonesian action-comedy film. The new trailer reveals a team of four assassins with very unique job roles and responsibilities. We can see the Bait, the Badass, the Sniper, and of course, the Leader. 

They are going to see an all-conquering crew, who get the job done and make quite a scene in doing so. Keeping it all together is the Mentor. After the introduction, the trailer takes a somber twist with the killing of the father of a police officer. 


During her investigation, Dina learns that her father was The Mentor who headed the film’s team of titular assassins. His death was ‘work-related’ and the same enemies are on her tail. The target of their combined wrath is an individual known as the Scorpion of South East Asia.  

Alongside The Big 4’s action choreography, gun and knife fights, and battle cries, there is an overlaying comic dimension that looks to make the film a brilliant watch. The film was filmed in Indonesia and will be only the second Indonesian original movie to be released by the streaming giant this year. 

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big2 The Big 4: We are going to enter into the world of Assassination

The Big 4: Cast 

The Big 4 film has featured Abimana Aryasatya, Putri Marino, Arie Kriting, Kristo Immanuel, Marthino Lio, Michelle Tahalea, Budi Ros, Donny Damara, and Lutesha.  The Big 4 is directed by Timo Tjahjanto who also writes the screenplay alongside Johanna Wattimena.  

The Big 4: Release Date 

Netflix has confirmed that the film is going to hit on 15th December 2022. 

Here is the trailer: 

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