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Tesla car owners mine up to $800 of crypto assets per month by hacking their cars

Tesla cars are not only the best electric cars out there but they are also multipurpose in nature. Recently, two-tesla car owners revealed that they mined crypto assets using their hacked-out cars. San Francisco-based Siraj Raval, who owns a 2019 Tesla Model Mannequin 3, was able to mine up to $800 or 62,000 INR a month in crypto assets with his hacked-out electric car.

Tesla cars can mine crypto by manipulating the car’s ECU:

91588868 Tesla car owners mine up to $800 of crypto assets per month by hacking their cars

Chris Allessi is an electric car dealer who mines Monero and Bitcoin. Car hacking involves manipulating the code in a car’s electronic control unit or ECU in order to exploit a vulnerability and gain control of other ECU units in the vehicle.

Two Tesla owners mined Bitcoin and Ethereum alongside Monero. They elaborated on how they were able to turn their cars into miners of digital currencies. Raval revealed that he connected graphics processing units or GPUs to his 2018 Model 3 to mine crypto assets with his car.

Raval was able to hack his Tesla Model 3 onboard internal firmware to mine crypto and concluded from the process that using GPUs was the most efficient way. He also stressed that the modification to the Tesla system invalidates the warranty of the car, however, it does pay off dividends.

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bitcoin crypto reuters 1200 Tesla car owners mine up to $800 of crypto assets per month by hacking their cars

He earnt as much as $800 in Ether when it reached its peak value in 2021. Chris Allessi started mining his hacked-out Tesla car in 2018. Chris leveraged a power inverter and a Bitmain Antminer S9 and tied them directly into his Model S battery in order to mine Bitcoin.

Allessi utilized the EV brand’s onboard internal firmware to mine cryptocurrencies such as Monero (XMR). He ran mining programs within the browser. In 2021, a Canadian-based light electric vehicles (LEV) company, Daymak Inc. began to mine cryptocurrency on the 29th of June with its first prototype electric Spiritus.

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