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Ted Lasso Season 3: Apple TV+ has confirmed the Official Release Date of Each Episode (April 22)

Apple TV+ has announced the official release date of the AFC Richmond series ‘Ted Lasso Season 3‘. This time, Apple TV+ has unveiled a new look at the Jason Sudeikis-led sports comedy show. The show has highlighted the ups and downs of the leading club, AFC Richmond, via. Now, they have been returned to the Premier League just after relegation at the end of the first season and promoted for the second season. 

The main character will soon meet with Nathan, who is now known as Nate Shelly. Nate Shelly used to be the assistant coach for the Richmond team but has now moved to West Ham United to become their head coach after the end of season 2.

960x0 1 Ted Lasso Season 3: Apple TV+ has confirmed the Official Release Date of Each Episode (April 22)

The new trailer for Ted Laso Season 3 comes with a feel-good vibe. He is playing the tune of the Rolling Stones. Among all the laughter in smiles, you can see the AFC Richmond players facing a struggle on holding up in one of the biggest footballing leagues in this world. In this, they have been expected to complete the dead last.

The new trailer has hugely lagging dialogues and unveils Lasso has offered the pep talking to his players, after a heartbreaking defeat. I this the tone changed midway through like the titular coach for sicking through his presumable lead on more wins. 

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We will see Nate getting to grips with his new role as West Ham United’s head coach. The Ted Lasso season 3 trailer offers a glimpse at the grudge match between the two with tensions rising, as Lasso appears to be suffering from a panic attack on the sidelines. But we also witness the friendliness to it all, as at one point, Lasso shows up to West Ham’s stadium to support Nate, with his own son wearing the maroon jersey of West Ham.

The romance between AFC Richmond player-turned-assistant coach Brett Goldstein as Roy Kent and Juno Temple as Keeley Jones also continues to grow. Some of it probably had a positive influence on the always gruff Kent, as at the end of the trailer, we see him yelling “Great job!”, as a means to boost his team’s morale like something Lasso is surprised to hear. 

ted2 Ted Lasso Season 3: Apple TV+ has confirmed the Official Release Date of Each Episode (April 22)

The 12-episode-long third season is billed as the final arc and sees some returning faces in Hannah Waddingham as AFC Richmond owner Rebecca Welton, Jeremy Swift as Leslie Higgins, Phil Dunster as the talented striker Jamie Tartt, and Brendan Hunt as Coach Beard. Ted Lasso season 2 was awarded four Emmys last year, including Best Comedy Series and the best actor award for Sudeikis. 

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Ted Lasso Season 3: Release Date

On 18th January 2023, Apple confirmed that season three of Ted Lasso would be released in the spring of 2023. After a few weeks, we got a firm date with the season premiere to hit our screens on March 15, 2023. 

The shooting of season three officially began on March 7, 2022, and didn’t wrap until November of that year.  The season two finale of Ted Lasso was released on October 8, 2021, as the fans will go nearly 18 months without any new episodes of the show. 

Ted Lasso is available to watch exclusively on Apple TV across the world. To watch the series on the streaming service you need a monthly-subscription with free seven-day trials available for new customers. 

Apple TV+ has confirmed that Ted Lasso season 3 will release on 15th March 2023. 

Here is the trailer: 

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  1. <strong><em>Ted Lasso Season 3 is available on Disney + Hotstar?</em></strong>


  2. <strong>Where can I find updates about "Ted Lasso" Season 3?</strong>

    Updates about Season 3, if it’s renewed, would be announced through official channels such as the show’s social media accounts, press releases, and entertainment news outlets.

  3. <strong>Is there a trailer for "Ted Lasso" Season 3?</strong>

    Without confirmation of Season 3, there wouldn’t be a trailer available. Trailers are typically released closer to the premiere date of a new season.

  4. <strong>How many episodes will Season 3 have?</strong>

    The episode count for Season 3 hasn’t been confirmed yet. However, previous seasons have had 12 episodes each.

  5. <strong>How does the success of Ted Lasso Season 1 and Season 2 impact the possibility of a Season 3?</strong>

    The success and critical acclaim of previous seasons may positively influence the likelihood of Ted Lasso being renewed for Season 3, as it demonstrates strong viewer interest and support.

  6. <strong>Will Ted Lasso Season 3 be the final season?</strong>

    There hasn’t been any official confirmation about whether Season 3 will be the final season of Ted Lasso. It’s possible that the show could continue beyond Season 3 if there’s continued interest and success.

  7. <strong>Are there any recurring themes or motifs in "Ted Lasso"?</strong>

    Some recurring themes in “Ted Lasso” include sportsmanship, teamwork, friendship, personal growth, redemption, and overcoming adversity.

  8. <strong>What is the main plot of Ted Lasso Season 3?</strong>

    Season 3 continues to follow Ted Lasso as he navigates the challenges of coaching AFC Richmond, dealing with personal issues back home, and the complexities of managing a team in the top tier of English football. The season focuses on themes of redemption, personal growth, and resilience.


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