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Beyond the Arcades and Consoles: India’s Street Fighter V Athletes Competing at the Asian Games 2022

In the world of esports, Street Fighter V stands tall as one of the founding pillars of the gaming industry. Originating from the era of arcades, the game has evolved to become a popular title on consoles and PCs. As the esports scene continues to grow, India is proud to present two talented athletes, Mayank Prajapati and Ayan Biswas, who will represent the country in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition at the highly anticipated Asian Games 2022 in Hangzhou.

Street Fighter V: The Journey to Glory

The road to the Asian Games has not been an easy one for Mayank Prajapati and Ayan Biswas. Both athletes have faced numerous challenges, but their unwavering determination and remarkable skills have set them apart. Triumphing in the National Esports Championships (NESC) organized by the Esports Federation of India (ESFI), they have honed their high-quality skillsets, strategic prowess, and unwavering dedication, preparing to make their nation proud as they compete against the best Street Fighter V players from Asia.

Meet Mayank Prajapati

Mayank Prajapati, a 32-year-old interior designer hailing from Delhi, knew that the inclusion of Street Fighter V in the 2022 Asian Games was his moment to shine. Despite his responsibilities as a father, he managed his time efficiently to care for his 2-year-old son, work on his design projects, and dedicate at least four to five hours each night to practicing his moves in the multiplayer online game.

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Mayank Prajapati aka MiKeYROG Beyond the Arcades and Consoles: India's Street Fighter V Athletes Competing at the Asian Games 2022

Supported by his wife, Prajapati’s journey in Street Fighter V began in 2009 when he accidentally purchased the game and fell in love with it. Proudly, his mother shares videos of his wins at prestigious events like Dreamhack Delhi 2019 and Best of the Best tournament for Nodwin in 2015. He has also secured the Top 16 position in Intel Qualifiers for South East Asian Countries, showcasing his exceptional talent.

Prajapati’s preparation for the Asian Games involves studying the playing styles of potential opponents and refining his strategies with friends who challenge him with unexpected moves. His remarkable achievements include:

  • 1st in Dreamhack Dec, 2019 (Delhi)
  • 2nd in Dew Arena May 2019 (Delhi)
  • 4th in Dreamhack Nov 2018 (Mumbai)
  • 4th in Proving Grounds 2018 (Bengaluru)
  • 1st in Best of the Best 2015 Ultra Street Fighter-4 (Gurgaon)
  • Top 16 – Intel World Open SEA Region (Jun, 21)
  • 1st in Esportz Premiere League Qualifier 2
  • 3rd in Esportz Premiere League Finals

Introducing Ayan Biswas

Hailing from the quaint town of Birnagar, Ayan Biswas defied odds and stereotypes to become a formidable force in Street Fighter V. From a young age, Ayan found solace in video games, and despite facing initial challenges, he persevered in mastering the beloved title.

Admitting that he was initially unaware of the game’s mechanics, Ayan relentlessly watched skilled players and studied their tactics to create his own unique strategies. His dedication led him to spend over 5 hours a day, perfecting his skills. His hard work paid off as he claimed the top spot in both the Dew Arena and Dreamhack Mumbai in 2018, followed by a victory in the India Esports tournament in 2020. He also achieved a well-deserved top-16 finish at the Intel World Open SEA Region tournament 2021, proving his mettle on the international stage.

Currently holding the Super Diamond rank in-game, Ayan favors characters like Birdie, Bison, and Akuma. His aspirations for the Asian Games in Hangzhou are fueled by his desire to excel and the responsibility of carrying the hopes and dreams of his country and aspiring gamers who dare to dream.

As Mayank Prajapati and Ayan Biswas gear up for the Asian Games 2022, they exemplify the spirit of dedication and perseverance that defines the world of esports. Their journey from arcades to one of the biggest multi-sports events in the world is a testament to their passion and skill in Street Fighter V. India stands proud, as these athletes embark on their quest to secure a medal, etching a glorious chapter in the history of Indian esports.

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