Sunday, February 5, 2023

SteamOS might be heading towards a PC launch

The operating system that powers the Steam Deck, known as SteamOS, is comparable to, Android for smartphones. It goes without saying that it is crucial for the Deck because it serves as the foundation for everything on the device. And it appears that a recent SteamOS development has made it onto the news agenda.

The OS is receiving a number of developer repository updates, said SteamDeckHQ. Most importantly, the very fact that the SteamOS Media Creation function exists at all lends some credibility to this theory.

The Media Creation tool for SteamOS was updated earlier this week.

credit: wccftech

Since it’s not yet officially released in any way, it should go without saying that you shouldn’t try using this to reimage your machine as of right now. The possibility that SteamOS may launch on PC has, meantime, gained considerable attention. This is due to the fact that an earlier testing version of Big Picture that resembled Steam Deck was released.


Coming directly from Valve, PC users may sign up for the Steam Client beta and then add the prefix -gamepadui to their Steam shortcut in order to try out the Big Picture feature set for themselves. Players can run their games through this and utilise the majority of Steam’s features as usual.

This increases the likelihood that SteamOS will materialise on personal computers. In order to give users the option, they should eventually include the capability to switch between the standard Steam desktop layout and the upgraded SteamOS one.

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