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What are the Parameters for becoming a FIFA recognized standard football stadium?

In order to secure FIFA recognition, football stadiums have to fulfill certain requirements as stated by the football governing authority of the world. Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA, has stated that football stadiums are magical places where players, as well as fans, come together for this legendary game, and this place gives us legends, memories, and some iconic moments.

It is primarily the core of footballing culture and serves as a decent infrastructure for the development of the game in different nations. Footballers, along with the spectators, certainly deserve to enjoy the game in a well-built stadium, which the FIFA states, and by meeting certain norms, they can achieve it, along with getting certified as a FIFA stadium.

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Standards set by the FIFA

For conducting international level tournaments successfully, or even regulating tournaments at the domestic level, a country should consist of FIFA standard stadiums. Doesn’t matter if elite-level players or young bloods are playing in that competition; the requirements must be met strictly. These generally include technical guidelines like maintaining the field of play, along with ensuring the safety requirements.

Maintaining the Field of Play

The dimensions should be strictly maintained on the pitch during a game to receive FIFA’s recognition. The field of play is primarily the area bounded by the goal as well as the touchlines. The recommended dimension is 105*65 meters, which should be rectangular and surrounded by continuous lines. FIFA recommended that for larger stadiums, the area outside the field play, there should be five meters of distance beyond each goal line, along with four meters beyond each touchline.

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Parameters of a standard stadium under FIFA recognition
Parameters of a standard stadium under FIFA recognition. Credits: AECbytes

For smaller stadiums, the measurement is four and three meters, respectively. And among the normal rules include playing on natural grass or even an approved synthetic turf and having adequate lighting at the stadiums, especially for night games. The average illumination level should be a minimum of 2,500 lux. Stadiums should consist of at least 5,000 spectators, with 1000 seats covered.

Safety Requirements

When you’re going to receive recognition under FIFA, you certainly need to make sure that you have top-notch safety measures when required. These are generally to detect and tackle outbreaks of fire, and personnel should be ready with all sorts of fighting equipment. Also, stadiums must have accessibility for emergency vehicles like fire trucks or ambulances. All the stadiums must have a Venue Operations Centre (VOC), which will basically be a stadium control room, from where the safety and security operations will be monitored and controlled.

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