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Samsung unveils the 10.7Gbps LPDDR5X the fastest RAM yet

The fastest version of LPDDR5X memory, which is expected to peak at LPDDR5X-10700 speeds, has been produced, according to new announcements from Samsung.

Samsung unveils the 10.7Gbps LPDDR5X the fastest RAM yet details

According to Samsung, the upgraded memory would provide 30% more capacity and 25% higher performance than its current mobile DRAM modules. In comparison to the LPDDR5X memory from Micron and the LPDDR5T chips from SK Hynix, the new chips also seem to be physically faster.


The proposed LPDDR5X chips from Samsung have a maximum capacity per stack of 32 GB and a data transfer rate of 10.7 GT/s. This streamlines their designs significantly by enabling Samsung’s customers to outfit their newest laptops or cellphones with 32 GB of low-power memory using just one DRAM package.

It outperforms the 9.6Gbps LPDDR5T model that was released by SK Hynix the previous year, operating at 10.7Gbps. Though speed isn’t the sole improvement, this indicates a 25% boost in performance over the prior X models.

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These chips are smaller because Samsung is using a 12nm class technique to make them. The company is currently using this to manufacture 32GB packages after being able to improve capacity by 30%.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t end there either. The new LPDDR5X chips have improved power saving technology that allows them to use 25% less power and stay in low power mode for longer. This is advantageous for servers as well as battery-operated mobile devices (a server’s electricity expenditure makes up a significant portion of its operating expenses).


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