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Resident Evil Village brings back the mercenaries multiplayer mode for its hour-long demo play

There are only three weeks left before the arrival of Resident Evil Village and Capcom has revealed a ton of new information about the game via their latest Resident Evil Showcase. First, we have a new trailer, which shows off more of the titular village, new monsters, another appearance by Chris Redfield, some Lady Dimitrescu blood-sucking, and much more.

To top of the cherry, the new trailer also shows that the village has some kind of connection to major Umbrella Corp. you can see the trailer below:

Capcom also announced that the game will also bring back the most well-received Mercenaries multiplayer mode. The new game will also have a shop for buying new weapons, and a variety of special abilities to collect that will boost your abilities in various ways. Here’s a look at the new mercenaries mode:

The upcoming new demo of the game will be made available on all the existing gaming platforms, which is excellent news, and will allow you to play unrestricted through either the Village or Castle areas for up to one hour. The demo will only be available for one day, so you’ll have to jump on during the following times…

North America

  • May 1 at 5 pm PT to May 2 at 5 pm PT


  • May 2 at 2 am CEST to May 3 at 2 am CEST


  • May 3 at 8am HKT to May 4 at 8am HKT

North America

  • April 17 at 5 pm PT to April 18 at 1 am PT


  • April 18 at 7pm CEST to April 19 at 3am CEST


  • April 18 at 5pm HKT to April 19 at 1am HKT

North America

  • April 24 at 5 pm PT to April 25 at 1 am PT


  • April 25 at 7pm CEST to April 26 at 3am CEST


  • April 25 at 5pm HKT to April 26 at 1am HKT

You can pre-load the new Resident Evil Village demo on PS4/PS5 right now and players on other platforms will be able to do so on April 29.

Resident Evil Village shambles onto PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and Stadia on May 7.



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