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PUBG: A Nostalgic Return to the Original Erangel Map (For a Limited Time!)

Get ready to drop back into the past! PUBG is taking players on a trip down memory lane with the return of the original Erangel map, available for a limited time only.

In May 2024, this legendary battleground that launched PUBG into the stratosphere of popularity in 2017 is coming back. Mark your calendars!

Here is a breakdown of what you’re going to get in a Erangel Classic:


Erangel Classic: A Blast from the PUBG Past

PUBG will replace the current Erangel map with the Erangel Classic from May 14th to 28th on the PC and May 23rd to June 6th on the consoles.

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The meticulously recreated version is designed to capture the essence of early access days, resurrect veteran players’ memories and provide a glimpse into PUBG’s roots for newcomers.

Classic Features for a Classic Experience

As Erangel Classic brings back some of its most beloved features, you’ll be in for a wave of nostalgia:

Gloomy Weather: 

The original Erangel was known for its hauntingly beautiful, foggy and rainy atmosphere. Under these classic weather conditions, get ready to fight.

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The Pre-Match Island with the Downed Plane: 

Remember dropping onto that iconic starting island with the crashed plane? It’s back in Erangel Classic, ready to fuel those pre-game jitters.

Classic UI: 

The user interface will receive a retro makeover, transporting you back to the early days of PUBG.

image 2 1 5 PUBG: A Nostalgic Return to the Original Erangel Map (For a Limited Time!)

Tommy Gun in Care Packages:

Looting for that coveted Thompson submachine gun (affectionately nicknamed the “Tommy Gun”) will once again require finding a Care Package.

A Blend of Old and New

While Erangel Classic revels in nostalgia, it won’t be a complete throwback experience. In order to ensure a smooth and familiar experience, PUBG ensures that the core game play is balanced by modern adjustments. The patch notes, which will arrive on May 13th, are expected to reveal more details of these adjustments.

Following the Footsteps of Fortnite?

image 4 1 PUBG: A Nostalgic Return to the Original Erangel Map (For a Limited Time!)

This isn’t the second time a giant of battle royale has entered that nostalgia pool. In late 2023, Fortnite’s “OG season” brought the original island back to life, generating massive player engagement. With the Erangel Classic, PUBG is likely to try and recreate some of this magic.

The Future of PUBG: Destructible Environments and Unreal Engine 5

While Erangel Classic looks back at the past, PUBG’s main focus is on the future. The developers have just released a plan for 2024, including exciting additions to destructible environments. This long awaited feature promises to bring a whole new layer of strategic depth and chaotic fun in PUBG’s battle royale matches.

A possible transition to Unreal Engine 5, the most recent version of the powerful game engine used in countless games, is also mentioned in the roadmap.

The move to Unreal Engine 5 could bring significant graphical and performance improvements to PUBG, while details are still unclear. It remains to be seen whether this shift will happen exclusively in the PC or if it will take place on all platforms.

Conclusion: Erangel Classic – A Must-Play for PUBG Enthusiasts

Erangel Classic is a mustplay event, whether you are an experienced PUBG player longing for the Early Access days or a new player who’s curious about the origins of this game.

image 3 35 PUBG: A Nostalgic Return to the Original Erangel Map (For a Limited Time!)

A unique opportunity to experience the map and play style that defined the Battle Royale genre is offered by this limited time experience. So, drop in, grab some loot, and get ready to reminisce or discover for the first time the thrill of fighting it out on the original Erangel map!

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