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F1 24 Races in with Dynamic Handling: The Ultimate Formula Racing Experience

Prepare yourself to experience the highest level of racing simulation, F1 fans! Codemasters is revving up for the release of F1 24, boasting the series’ most comprehensive physics update ever, dubbed “dynamic handling.”

F1 24

Developed in collaboration with the reigning three-time F1 champion, Max Verstappen, F1 24 promises to deliver an unparalleled level of realism and driver control.

A Suspension Revolution

An all new suspension physics system is the foundation of dynamic handling. The days of standard automotive handling are behind us.

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New kinematic models, which accurately reflect the behaviour of F1 and F2 cars, are introduced in F1 24. These models are carefully simulating the dynamic state of suspension in actual world conditions, such as:

Dynamic Camber and Toe Changes: 

Experience realistic variations in tire angles as your car reacts to the track, impacting grip and handling.

Accurate Steering Geometry: 

Feel the precise response of your car to steering inputs, thanks to realistic steering geometry and the inclusion of the Ackerman effect.

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Tuned Spring and Damper Forces:

 Encounter a more natural weight distribution and improved control with the revised spring and damper forces.

Tires that Bite

There’s also a substantial improvement in the tyre model of F1 24. In response to the adjustment of the suspension, the contact patch with the road is now behaving more realisticly, providing a more accurate sense of tire behaviour. Let me tell you what I’m expecting:

image 2 27 F1 24 Races in with Dynamic Handling: The Ultimate Formula Racing Experience

Authentic Tire Wear and Heat: 

Manage your tires strategically as they wear down more realistically, impacting grip and performance. Heat management becomes crucial, mimicking real-world tire behavior.

Enhanced Wet Weather Performance: 

Prepare for the challenge of a downpour! F1 24 boasts improved wet weather handling, making rain a true test of skill.

Aerodynamics Refined

In F1 24, the aerodynamic force simulation goes up a gear. As a result, the impact on downforce and drag of chassis rakes is now more pronounced; this means that ride height adjustment is an essential factor in determining optimal setup for each track.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Virtual Wind Tunnel: 

Experience the influence of air flow on your car with the help of cutting-edge CFD and a virtual wind tunnel for more realistic slipstream and DRS effects.

Team-Specific Aerodynamic Differences: 

Each car in F1 24 reflects the strengths and weaknesses of its real-world counterpart in terms of aerodynamics, making car selection a strategic decision.

image 3 33 F1 24 Races in with Dynamic Handling: The Ultimate Formula Racing Experience

Power to the Driver

With the upgraded power units, F1 24 puts you in a driving seat that’s never been before. Manage your engine’s behaviour using features such as:

Adjustable Engine Braking: 

Fine-tune engine braking for optimal energy recovery and coasting behavior.

Enhanced Energy Management: 

Manage your MGU-K and MGU-H energy more precisely with greater driver influence over harvesting and consumption.

Improved Throttle Mapping: 

Minimize energy waste and take control with a more responsive throttle for deeper control over your car’s power delivery.

Unleash Your Inner F1 Strategist

You can customize your car to your driving style and race strategy with F1 24. You will have more control over the new setup options for your vehicle:

image 4 51 F1 24 Races in with Dynamic Handling: The Ultimate Formula Racing Experience
  • Suspension Setup: Fine-tune your suspension for optimal handling on different tracks and driving styles.
  • Aerodynamic Adjustments: Refine your downforce and drag settings to find the perfect balance for each race.
  • Power Unit Management: Optimize your power unit settings for maximum performance or strategic fuel saving.

More to Come

This is just the first taste of F1 24’s exciting new features. Stay tuned for upcoming details on the revamped Career mode, set to be revealed in just a few days.

Mark your calendars! On May 31st, F1 24 will be available for PC, PS4, PS3, XBOX One, and XBOX series S|X. Experience the thrill of Formula One racing like you’ve never experienced before!

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