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Private Jet Prices in India: Exploring Options in 2023 (8th December)

Private Jet Prices in India: All You Need to Know

You might think that owning a luxury private jet is beyond your reach but the cost of the cheapest private plane might surprise you. Whether you’re shopping, window shopping, or just happened to stumble across our aircraft guide and are looking for a short, mid-weight, or heavy jet, the most affordable private options for purchase can be a fraction of the price of the most expensive.

Private Jet Prices in India

Cirrus Vision Jet

Private Jet Prices in India
Private Jet Prices in India

The Cirrus Vision Jet is considered the most affordable private aircraft, with a price tag of approximately $2 million or ₹15.2 crores. It is equipped with a Williams International FJ33-5A turbofan engine that generates 1,800lbs of thrust. The unique V-tail design sets it apart from other single-engine private planes. It has a cruising speed of 345mph and can reach a maximum altitude of 28,000ft. Additionally, it has a range of 1,150 miles.

The spacious interior of the vehicle can accommodate a maximum of five adults and two children. It offers various amenities, including an entertainment system, customizable lighting, and USB charging. The cockpit is equipped with a large windshield and advanced Garmin Perspective Touch avionics suite.

Cessna Citation CJ3+

image 257 Private Jet Prices in India: Exploring Options in 2023 (8th December)
Private Jet Prices in India

For about ₹64.7 crores (approximately $8.5 million), consider the brand-new Cessna Citation CJ3+. Launched in 2014, it offers a comfortable cabin and upgraded Garmin 3000 avionics. Certified for single-pilot operation, it boasts a wingspan designed for extra lift and reduced drag. The cabin seats up to nine passengers, with 14 large windows, LED lighting, Wi-Fi, and multiple design themes.

Cessna Citation XLS+

image 258 Private Jet Prices in India: Exploring Options in 2023 (8th December)
Private Jet Prices in India

At around ₹98.94 crores (about $13 million), the Cessna Citation XLS+ is the world’s bestselling business jet. It excels in short- and long-haul flights, with a maximum cruise speed of 507mph and a transcontinental range of 2,100 nautical miles. The spacious cabin accommodates up to nine passengers and offers fully reclining leather seats, foldaway tables, entertainment, and Wi-Fi. It includes a galley and space for over 800 lbs of baggage.

Cessna Citation Sovereign+

image 259 Private Jet Prices in India: Exploring Options in 2023 (8th December)
Private Jet Prices in India

The Cessna Citation Sovereign+ is the most affordable super-mid-size jet, priced at approximately ₹136.9 crores (about $18 million). With a 3,200 nautical mile range, it can fly nonstop from Bangkok to Dubai. Known for its exceptional runway performance, it operates from smaller airports and features powerful Pratt & Whitney PW306D turbofan engines. The cabin seats 12 passengers, with various configurations, recessed armrests, and in-flight internet. It includes the best-in-class external baggage compartment, carrying up to 1,435 lbs of luggage.

Embraer Legacy 650E

image 260 Private Jet Prices in India: Exploring Options in 2023 (8th December)
Private Jet Prices in India

Breaking the mould in the large jet category, the Embraer Legacy 650E is priced at around ₹197.8 crores (approximately $26 million). This is a relative bargain compared to similar options. It features two Rolls-Royce AE3007A2 engines and Honeywell Primus Elite Avionics, backed by a 10-year or 10,000-hour warranty. The cabin offers seating for 12-13 passengers across three zones, with broadband connectivity, Apple TV, and a range of 3,900 nautical miles for longer nonstop flights.


  1. What is the best Private Jet Price in India?

    The Embraer Legacy 650E is the most expensive and best private jet to buy in India as of 2023.

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