PRICE DROP: Galaxy S20 series price dropped heavily ahead of Galaxy S21 launch


Samsung is going to launch its upcoming Galaxy S21 series on 14th January this year. Recently, a piece of news has gone official from Samsung India, saying that Samsung has dropped the prices of the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra in India to make room for the upcoming Galaxy S21 series.

Samsung had launched its Galaxy S20 series in India in February 2020 with the following price tags of INR 66,999 (around $913) for the Galaxy S20, INR 73,999 (around $1,008) for the Galaxy S20+, and INR 92,999 (around $1,267) for the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

But as per the recent “drop-down” pricing, the Galaxy S20 costs INR 49,999 (around $681), the Galaxy S20+ costs INR 56,999 (around $776), and the Galaxy S20 Ultra costs INR 76,999 (around $1,049).

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galaxy s20 series front back composite PRICE DROP: Galaxy S20 series price dropped heavily ahead of Galaxy S21 launch
Device NameCurrent PriceLaunch Price
Galaxy S20INR 49,999INR 66,999
Galaxy S20+INR 56,999INR 73,999
Galaxy S20 UltraINR 76,999INR 92,999

So, if we compare the price tags, it is a big price drop of a whopping INR 17,000 for the Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy S20+, and INR 16,000 for the Galaxy S20 Ultra. It should not have much complexity regarding why Samsung dropped the price of its previous year’s flagship lineup with a big margin. As the Samsung Galaxy S21 series is going to be the next flagship lineup of the company and to keep the price tag similar to the previous price tags of the Galaxy S20, Samsung had to drop the price tags of the S20 series.

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But interestingly, if you buy the Galaxy S20 via Amazon or Flipkart, it will still e priced at INR 54,999 (around $749) as it has been reported that the priced-drop are only receivable via offline retailers and Samsung’s online store. Additionally, the South-Korean tech giant has clearly mentioned to retailers that the price cut will be effective until the end of January 2021, not confirmed whether the pricing will stay the same or even drop further in the future.


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