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Preity Zinta Denounces Fake News Circulating About Rohit Sharma and PBKS: Calls for Media Integrity

Preity Zinta – PBKS : In the age of instant information dissemination, separating fact from fiction becomes paramount, especially in the realm of sports. Recently, Punjab Kings’ co owner, Preity Zinta, found herself at the center of a controversy sparked by fake news circulating about her supposed remarks regarding MI stalwart Rohit Sharma potentially captaining PBKS.

Let’s have a look into more details : Preity Zinta – PBKS

Preity Zinta wrote a strong message on social media to say that some made-up quotes about her were not true. These quotes said she wanted Rohit Sharma to be the captain of Punjab Kings, but she says she never said that. Zinta respects Rohit but hasn’t talked about him in any interviews or made such statements. She also pointed out that it wasn’t right to spread these fake stories, especially since Punjab Kings captain, Shikhar Dhawan, is injured right now.

Zinta’s rebuke extends beyond personal vindication; it underscores the broader issue of misinformation plaguing the digital landscape. These made up stories remind us how lies can spread fast and hurt people’s reputations, causing problems in the cricket community. Zinta wants the media to be more responsible, especially now when sensational stories are more common than accurate ones.

image 15 330 Preity Zinta Denounces Fake News Circulating About Rohit Sharma and PBKS: Calls for Media Integrity

Zinta strongly asked the media to be careful and not spread news without checking it first. She said it’s important to make sure information is true before sharing it, to stop untrue rumors from hurting people. In a time when people don’t always trust the news, Zinta’s message is a reminder for honesty and responsibility.

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Even though the fake news caused trouble, Zinta stays loyal to her team, Punjab Kings. She praised her players for staying strong and said they’re focused on winning in IPL 2024. Even when things are tough, Zinta’s strong support for her team shows how she handles pressure with grace and is dedicated to being excellent in sports.

image 15 331 jpg Preity Zinta Denounces Fake News Circulating About Rohit Sharma and PBKS: Calls for Media Integrity

As the IPL season goes on, Zinta’s strong request for honesty and doing the right thing spreads through the cricket world. It reminds us of how important it is for the media to be responsible. As fans and people involved in cricket, we need to make sure that everyone tells the truth and is open about what’s going on, so the game stays fair and free from lies and gossip.


  1. Who is the owner of Punjab Kings (PBKS)?

    Preity Zinta is one of the co-owners of Punjab Kings

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