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Achraf Hakimi’s UNO Reverse with Hiba Abouk: The Divorce Case that Shocked the Internet

Paris Saint-Germain and Morocco footballer Achraf Hakimi, made headlines when he filed for divorce from his actress wife, Hiba Abouk, following allegations of infidelity and rape. As per his wealth, the footballer will receive half of his ex-wife’s net worth, reportedly around $30 million or Rs. 241 Crores, since he has zero net worth on paper and put all his assets under his mother’s name. Hakimi’s 80 percent money has been maintained by his mother.

Here’s what we know about the Achraf Hakimi and Hiza Abouk divorce case:

Who is Achraf Hakimi?

Achraf Hakimi, a proficient football player from Morocco, was born in Madrid, Spain on November 4, 1998. He rose to prominence due to his exceptional speed, attacking prowess, and defensive capabilities while playing as a right-back.

Hakimi commenced his journey in football at a young age by joining local youth clubs. His remarkable performances caught the attention of the prestigious youth academy of Real Madrid. After showcasing his skills in their training programs, he eventually earned the opportunity to represent the senior team of Real Madrid in 2017. However, it was during an impressive two-year loan spell at Borussia Dortmund from 2018 to 2020 that he made a significant impact on the global football stage.

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At Borussia Dortmund, Hakimi displayed his imme­nse potential. He became a crucial component in the team’s attacking play, while also showcasing solid defense skills. In July 2020, Achraf Hakimi undertook a remarkable transfer to Inter Milan. After joining the team, he consistently demonstrated his outstanding abilities and played a crucial part in their achievements. Utilizing his agile forward runs and talent for generating scoring chances from the right-back role, Hakimi became an essential asset for Inter Milan.

Hakimi’s impact exte­nds beyond his success at the club level. He has also played a crucial role­ in the Moroccan national team, representing his country with pride and skill in numerous international competitions.

Achraf Hakimi’s exce­ptional combination of speed, skill, and versatility on the field has truly captivated fans and earned deep admiration from fellow playe­rs and coaches. With his young age as an advantage and imme­nse untapped potential, he undoubtedly stands out as a remarkable individual to keep an eye on in the­ world of football.

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The Background

Achraf Hakimi is a Moroccan footballer who plays for PSG and the Moroccan national team. Hakimi is married to Hiba Abouk, a Spanish actress of Tunisian and Libyan descent. The couple has two sons, Amin and Naim, both born in Spain.

The Allegations

Hakimi was accused of rape in February, which strained his relationship with Abouk. Abouk did not publicly support Hakimi during the accusations Hakimi maintains his innocence and believes the accusations are an attempt at extortion.

The divorce filing

The couple applied for divorce after Hakimi was accused of rape earlier this year. Abouk reportedly refused to support her husband publicly, leading to their separation. Abouk filed for divorce and demanded half of Hakimi’s net worth. However, she found out that all of Hakimi’s assets were in his mother’s name, leaving him with zero net worth on paper.

Who is Hiba Abouk?

Hiba Abouk is an actress and influencer who gained fame in Spain after her role in the crime drama “El Principe”. She has over 1.3 million Instagram followers and is of Tunisian and Libyan descent.

  • Born in Madrid, Spain.
  • Studied Arabic philology and holds a licentiate degree in drama from the Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático in Madrid.
  • Known for her role in the crime drama El Principe, she has a strong fan following in Spain.

Achraf Hakimi’s UNO Reverse: The Divorce Case that Shocked the Internet

Hiba Abouk net worth

The actress has a reported net worth of around $2 million, which is now being split with her ex-husband due to the divorce settlement.

hakk Achraf Hakimi's UNO Reverse with Hiba Abouk: The Divorce Case that Shocked the Internet

Hakimi’s smart move

According to reports, Hakimi alle­gedly transferred all of his asse­ts into his mother’s name, leaving his e­x-wife with no financial claim on his properties. As a result, the court ordered Abouk to give half of her net worth ($3 million) to Hakimi, as he is officially bankrupt. This means that Hakimi could potentially receive around $1.5 million from Abouk. Notably, celebrities such as Michae­l Hunter, Tevin Farmer, and Andre­w Tate have commende­d Hakimi for his strategic financial decision.

Reactions to the divorce settlement

Abouk has been ordered by the court to donate half of her reported $3 million net worth to Hakimi. The news has caused a frenzy on the internet, with many social media users wondering if Hakimi will receive half of Abouk’s money, despite the fact that it’s unlikely since they share children.


Achraf Hakimi’s UNO Reverse: The Divorce Case that Shocked the Internet

Celebrity support

Hakimi received praise from multiple celebrities, including UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya and “Top G” Andrew Tate, for his smart financial planning.

Achraf Hakimi net worth

According to media reports, Hakimi’s wealth exceeds $30 million, but he has no properties, cars, or jewelry registered in his name. Hakimi is the sixth highest-paid athlete in Africa, earning around $215,000 per week. Over 80% of his PSG salary goes directly into his mother’s bank account.

Achraf Hakimi’s UNO Reverse: The Divorce Case that Shocked the Internet

Achraf Hakimi and Hiza Abouk’s divorce case has caused a stir on social media due to the footballer’s smart financial planning skills, which left his ex-wife with no financial claim over his assets. While the divorce settlement has ordered Abouk to donate half of her net worth to Hakimi, it’s unclear if he’ll receive any funds, given that they share children.

While it is unclear how Hakimi’s personal life will unfold in the future, this divorce case has certainly captured the attention of fans and celebrities alike. With the financial twist that has emerged, it serves as a cautionary tale for those involved in high-stakes relationships.

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  1. <strong>What's the total net worth of Achraf Hakimi?</strong>

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