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Over 1 Million Gamers were exposed to Hackers by known Android game developers from China

A research team has just discovered a data breach that belongs to a known mobile game developer from China. This data breach contained information that exposes more than a million gamers to potentially being hacked.

According to the research team from vpnMentor, a popular Android game developer EskyFun was using an unsecured server to store vast amounts of data collected from users on its games. Notably, a lot of the data collected by the company was quite sensitive and the team noted that there was no reason for a video game company to keep detailed files on its users.

Since this sensitive data is not secured, EskyFun has potentially exposed all of these users to fraud, hacking, and other harm(like ransomware) from those with malicious intent.

ransomware featured 1068x668 1 Over 1 Million Gamers were exposed to Hackers by known Android game developers from China

For those in the dark, EskyFun Entertainment Network Limited is a mobile game publisher from China that has numerous popular Android titles under its belt.

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This includes games that are based around role-playing and fantasy genres, with total downloads amassing over 1.5 million. Furthermore, the games affected by this data leak include Rainbow Story; Fantasy MMORPG(500,000+ downloads), Metamorph M(100,000+ downloads), Dynasty Heroes; Legends of Samkok(1,000,0000+ downloads).

vpnMentor’s research team discovered the data breach back in July 2021 and had immediately informed the publisher.

However, the company did not respond and a second attempt at contact was made a few weeks after. After which, the team also contacted Hong Kong CERT(Computer Emergency Response Team), which led to the issue being addressed soon after.

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