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OnePlus Fingertip Wearable can Monitor Finger Movements

With the advancement of tech new gadgets comes to market. This time it is OnePlus bringing Fingertip Wearable that can track/monitor your fingerprint action and perform the task accordingly.

The creation of innovative items that captivate consumers has recently been a major focus for technology companies. The era of cell phones with traditional forms has been replaced by an exciting new wave of discoveries. The emergence of foldable phones is already happening, and other revolutionary inventions like rollable displays, smart eyewear, and others are beginning to take shape.

OnePlus Fingertip Wearable details

OnePlus Fingertip Wearable
Credit: PIGTOU

The recently developed fingertip wearable device indicated in the patent offers a totally new degree of comfort and interaction with our smart devices. With modern technology, the picture has a flexible finger sleeve. This positioning sleeve has all the required components, including a circuit board, power supply, CPU, and even a Wi-Fi module.

A little pressure is applied to your nail by the thrust component, which is connected to the positioning sleeve. An inertial measurement module can accurately record and detect the motion of your finger by doing this. The processor then uses the information it has received to build control signals based on the finger motions once the motion has been identified.

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OnePlus Fingertip Wearable
Credit: PIGTOU

Following that, the Wi-Fi module sends these control signals to other smart devices, such as smartphones or smart glasses, for usage outside the house. Because of this, you can operate a number of connected gadgets with just your fingertip.

This revolutionary wearable will alter how we interact with our smart devices. The newly established, more useful method of data entry makes our digital interactions even more reasonable and captivating.



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