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Ola S1 Air Debuts With 101 KM range at just Rs.79,999

The Ola S1 Air, Ola Electric’s newest low-cost electric scooter model, has finally been released, and it appears good on paper. The S1 is currently available from Ola in two variations: the S1 Pro and the regular S1. The more expensive S1 Pro costs Rs. 1.40 lakh, while the less expensive S1 costs Rs. 99,999. (both ex-showroom, including FAME 2 subsidy).

Ola S1 Air
Ola S1 Air

Ola S1 Air specifications and pricing

At just Rs 79,999, the Ola S1 Air is even more reasonably priced than the majority of scooters with gasoline motors. However, it is more expensive by Rs 4,413 compared to the DLX version of the Honda Activa 6G, the country’s best-selling ICE scooter. This price is only available during the holiday season and is only good until October 24; after that, the e-scooter will cost Rs 84,999. Here’s a short comparison of the specs of the Ola S1 Air and its siblings.

Ola S1 Air
Ola S1 Air

The S1 Air is fundamentally different from its more expensive brothers, as we can see in the chart. First off, the claimed ARAI range is only 101km because it uses a smaller battery.

Even while that is considerably less than the S1 and S1 Pro, the base TVS iQube and other popular electric scooters still cost about the same. The S1 Air is exceptionally light for its category at 99kg.

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Its top speed and 0–40 kph acceleration numbers are nearly identical to those of the standard TVS iQube, despite having a less potent motor (82kmph and 4.2 seconds respectively for the TVs). Additionally, the S1 Air, like the iQube, operates a hub motor at the rear wheel rather than a mid-mounted motor, unlike its brothers. Consider the additional ways it varies from its siblings.

Ola S1 Air
Ola S1 Air

In contrast to the S1 and S1 Pro’s color-matched panels, the S1 Air’s lower half of the body is covered by a black panel. Also, the S1 Air uses a straightforward tubular metal grab rail as opposed to the cast aluminium section used by the S1 and S1 Pro. Even the elaborate single-shock front suspension found on the S1 and S1 Pro has been swapped out for a straightforward telescopic fork and two shocks at the rear.

Ola S1 Air
Ola S1 Air

Surprisingly, it does retain many of the additional features from its more expensive siblings, including the Reverse mode, seven-inch touchscreen, smartphone connectivity, multiple ride profiles, music and call control, multiple riding moods (which alters the theme and layout of the console and also alters the motor sounds), and even the “party mode,” in which the scooter’s built-in speakers can play music from your connected smartphone.

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Ola Electric has also provided information regarding MoveOS 3.0 this. With this upgrade, you’ll get features including false engine sounds, hill hold, vacation mode, proximity unlock, riding moods (Bolt, Vintage, and Eclipse), regenerative braking V2 (with three modes), Hypercharging, Bluetooth calling, and key sharing.

Beginning on October 24, customers have the option of participating in the beta testing of this upgrade. Early December will see the update’s formal release.

The price is where the S1 Air shines, even when compared to cost-effective and capable electric options like the TVS iQube. The S1 Air is over Rs 32,000 less expensive than the TVS, which has a road price of Rs 1.12 lakh in Bengaluru, where it is manufactured.\

Ola Electric is aiming for both the more reasonably priced electric scooters in the nation as well as petrol scooters. Through the Ola website or app, you may reserve the S1 Air for yourself for Rs 999.

Beginning the first week of April 2023, deliveries will begin, and the payment window will open. A pillion side step, a center stand, and an under-seat storage organizer are just a few of the accessories that Ola Electric detailed. In the coming months, additional information will be made public.


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