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Oddballs: Netflix’s Most Anticipated Animated show confirmed the Official Release Date 

Netflix once again going to explore the latest animated comedy show, Oddballs. The show was just made by The Odd1sOut’s James Rallinson, the famous YouTuber who will make and feature in the show as himself! Oddballs is mainly the latest Original Animated show made by James Rallinson and Ethan Banville. The art is behind those animation getting inspired by Rollinson’s popular YouTube channel The Odd1sOut which has set to write over 18 million subscribers.  

Rallison and Banville both have served as executive producers on the show along with carl Daruolo and Michael Zoumas. Netflix Animation coming with a partnership along with Atomic Cartoons for the production companies behind the Oddballs. 


Oddballs: Plot 

Netflix’s new animated show has followed James who is a bubble-shaped boy with observations on life fueled by his comedic rants at each day’s annoyances and set to elevate them to laughably abused heights. Now, going with his best friends Max and Echo, James has ridiculously set some questions that have resulted in the disaster. 

Oddballs: Cast 

Netflix’s most awaited animated show helmed by James Rallison who is a creator, producer, and YouTuber feature set to play the role of himself in Oddballs. Julian Grant features the role of Max. Gany has got the big break credited to his role as Crater in the FOX series Call Me Kat. He has already been featured in two of the last Netflix Originals, Prank Encounters, and in an episode of Fuller House. 

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image 441 Oddballs: Netflix’s Most Anticipated Animated show confirmed the Official Release Date 

 Kimberly Brooks is absolutely such a talented voice actress who previously lent her voice for many animated features in shows, films, and video games since the 90s. In the DC Video games, she becomes the voice of Alura, and more! In Oddballs Brooks has spoken for Echo. Apart from them, the animated show features Julian Grant as max, Gary Anthony Williams as Mr. McFly, and Carl Faruolo as Stuart. 

Oddballs: Release Date 

Netflix has already confirmed that the most-awaited animated show Oddball will hit on 7th October 2022.


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