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NVIDIA RTX A6000 and A40 Ampere-based GPUs launched

Finally, NVIDIA has brought Ampere to professional space with new RTX A6000 and A40 GPUs. The new Ampere architecture already delivers great graphical performance from last-gen, and it is evident via new RTX 30-series GPUs.

Now, when the world requires a breakthrough in graphics power due to the COVID-19, these new RTX GPUs feature new RT Cores, Tensor Cores and CUDA cores. This accelerates graphics, rendering, compute and AI significantly faster than previous generations.

Screenshot 112 NVIDIA RTX A6000 and A40 Ampere-based GPUs launched

Both the RTX A6000 and A40 GPUs come with same GPU configuration, i.e. 84 streaming multiprocessors with GA102 GPU which means the GPUs feature 10752 CUDA cores and comes with 48GB of GDDR6 non-X memory.

The RTX A6000 features 16 Gbps modules, while the A40 still features 14.5 Gbps memory speed. The RTX A6000 gives you 768 GB/s of maximum bandwidth, and the A400 will offer slightly lower 696 GB/s maximum bandwidth. Both GPUs feature quad DisplayPort 1.4 connectors.

NVIDIA RTX A6000 and A40 Ampere-based GPUs launched

Both the professional GPUs include:

  • Second-Generation RT Cores: Delivers up to 2x the throughput of the previous generation, plus concurrent ray tracing, shading and compute.
  • Third-Generation Tensor Cores: Provides up to 5x the throughput of the previous generation, up to 10X with sparsity, with support for new TF32 and BF16 data formats.
  • New CUDA Cores: Delivers up to 2x the FP32 throughput of the previous generation for significant increases in graphics and compute.
  • 48GB of GPU Memory: The largest memory available in a single GPU, expandable to 96GB using NVLink to connect two GPUs.

While the NVIDIA RTX A6000 seems to be a workstation graphics card whereas the RTX A40 is meant for server use. The company has not yet disclosed the pricing of these GPUs but has shown its benefits on its blog.

The NVIDIA RTX A6000 will be available from channel partners including PNY, Leadtek, Ingram Micro, Ryoyo and on starting in mid-December. These professional GPUs will be finding their way into workstations from the world’s leading systems manufacturers, including BOXX, Dell, HP, Cisco, Fujitsu, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Lenovo.

Watch the GTC 2020 Keynote from here:

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