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Must-Have Smartphone Apps to Remain Immersed in the Sports You Love

Following sports used to be a matter of reading the paper and then listening in on the radio or watching it live on television. Nowadays, there’s a tremendous range of platforms that offer you brand new ways to immerse yourself in your favorite sports, and best of all, many of the best options are made conveniently available through your smartphone.

At TechnoSports, we know the power that we all have as sports fans with smartphones in our pockets. We’ve explored a tremendous range of sports apps over the years, and so, we can confidently say that the following are top-class apps which help you to immerse yourself in your favorite sport, keeping you engaged and immersed between the live events.

In the loop with everything cricket

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As one of the biggest and most well-supported sports in the world, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that savvy app developers have come up with an ocean of mobile solutions for cricket fans. Of course, particularly in India, the live streaming of cricket is the big-ticket, with Jio TV reportedly increasing Hotstar’s usual coverage reach of the Indian Premier League by 74 percent due to its free streaming of the tournament.

For everything else that cricket fans crave, such as news stats, facts, or live scores when you can’t watch the game, one app stands above all others. The Cricbuzz mobile app is filled with all of the features that you could need. Match scores update instantly, smart alerts keep you in the loop without having to unlock your smartphones, and there’s an ocean of photo, editorials, news pieces, rankings, and player profiles to dig into.

For a different way to interact with the sport, there are even more modern and engaging options. Podcasts have become very popular of late, with their ability to relay information and discussion on just about any topic being very appealing. In cricket, there are many, but it’s Cricket Unfiltered that offers unfettered access to the sport. It’s a weekly show that can be found on the podcast platform Acast, often featuring leading cricket journalists, as well as former and current greats of the sport.

If it’s a more hands-on experience of the sport, there are a great many mobile cricket games, the best of which is the latest of a long-running mobile game franchise, World Cricket Championship 3. In the game, you can play the cricket matches yourself, build and manage your own team, and even face others in the online multiplayer battlegrounds.

The modern way to enjoy one of the oldest sports

All-but unchanged for decades, even centuries, it’s strange to think that one of the oldest and least-technical sports in the world has fully integrated itself in the mobile space. Now, you can engage in several different ways with horse racing, even from the most expensive flagship smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra.

There are several websites that have adopted a mobile approach, creating dedicated apps that relay their online content. However, none have done it quite as comprehensively and in such a mobile-friendly way as the Racing app. It’s as comprehensive and diverse in content as the site, but it’s even easier to navigate and consume as a smartphone app. Over the years and years that horse racing has been thrilling the crowds, it’s never gone much beyond the live races – apart from the odd arcade game which saw the plastic horses race.

That has changed now, with developers exploring the ways in which fans can enjoy the sport in new ways. One such entertainment title is that of the exclusive online casino title, Final Furlong. The aim of the title is to land three gold cup symbols, with the ensuing free games tripling every single win. As far as these entertainment options go, it’s akin to being in the crowd and watching your tipped horse run. With the game subsequently illustrating both the online sports entertainment, and progression of the online casino industry overall. Furthermore, in the PikPok mobile title Rival Stars Horse Racing, you take the role of the stable owner. From breeding to training, the game plays you through the whole process of trying to develop a cup-winning horse.

Few other sports have such a range of mobile options

Globally-speaking, football is the absolute most popular sport, which has led to mobile app markets being filled with football-based apps, including ones for streaming, live scores, news, fantasy, and mobile games. When it comes to keeping informed and being a part of the fandom, the top pick app is Forza Football. The core of the app is that everyone in its community can enjoy the live updates and discuss the action. For pure live streaming and the viewing of live football, however, India’s pick has to be SonyLIV, who have the exclusive rights to UEFA Champions League live to stream.

In the console gaming world, for football fans, it’s been a battle between FIFA and PES for years, with FIFA 21 and PES 21 going at it again this autumn. FIFA often comes out on top, at least in terms of sales, but in the mobile space, it’s generally agreed that it’s PES that offers the superior gaming experience. The iOS and Android mobile gaming app eFootball PES continues to earn praise for its realistic gameplay, user-friendly controls, player behaviors, and collection of legendary players infused into the game.

Whether you’re into the cricket, horse racing, football, or all three, those are to top apps for delivering you convenient news, stats, facts, or entertainment.

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