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A Feast for Your Eyes – MSI Unveils QD-OLED Technology

 MSI Unveils Its Two New Models: Here Is What You Need To Know

A Feast for Your Eyes - MSI Unveils QD-OLED Technology

MSI is the number one manufacturer of the gaming hardware across the globe dedicated to offer the immersive gaming experience to the gamers. Now it has expanded its range of gaming hardwares and introduced new models. 

These models are specially designed to enhance the gaming experience of the gamers and provide them with top – notch gaming technology. 

The newly introduced models belong to the QD – OLED range and come with QD – OLED panel. They will be available in flat and curved so that gamers can choose their pick. 

These models will have excellent picture quality with concise pixel lighting control and high – definition black scenes. These are much of the demanded features by the gamers. 

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With that MSI has elevated the quality of their MSI OLED Care 2.0 and now it has improved screen protection optimization. So, now the risk of OLED panel damage has reduced significantly and gamers can rest assured of the extended use. 

To achieve this phenomenon advancement in the gaming hardware MSI has harnessed the thermal conductivity of Graphene with a fanless design. 

Thus, now gamers can expect silent and efficient heat dispersion which further extend the lifetime of these QD – OLED panels. 

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There are two amazing models introduced by the MSI. 


img 02 2 jpg A Feast for Your Eyes - MSI Unveils QD-OLED Technology


  • This model comes with 49″ DQHD 1800R panel and offer the gamers mesmerizing gaming experience. 
  • With that it features 144Hz refresh rate and the latest QD – OLED panel. 
  • Also games can look forward to the 0.03 ms GTG response time. 

Both of the models have VESA – certification for Clear MR 9000. For the true motion blur visuals and high – quality images they have DisplayHDR True Black 400. 

Some other features can will appease gamers include, 

  • AI technology powered gaming intelligence 
  • Smart Crosshair
  • Optix Scope, 
  • Night Vision AI

And there is much more that gamers can explore.

These models are scheduled to be launched on January 6, 2024. So stay tuned to more about MSI gaming hardware and what gamers can look forward to. 


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