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Microsoft: September 2022 Xbox Games with Gold Unveiled

Microsoft has unveiled the Xbox Games With Gold lineup for September 2022, which includes the video game classic Portal 2 and Gods Will Fall. The roster for the upcoming month includes some timeless titles, with Portal 2 leading the pack, as Xbox Wire has revealed. Along with Double Kick Heroes and the company that creates theme parks, Thrillville, Gods Will Fall is also mentioned.

Microsoft and Xbox Games

Anyone with Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be able to access the four Games with Gold releases in September. Gods Will Fall and Thrillville will launch everything on September 1.

You can command a group of Celtic warriors in the dark fantasy action game Gods Will Fall, which is available on Xbox Series X|S. The game pits you against the gods themselves as you battle monsters and gods in all of their domains.

Microsoft September 2022 Xbox Games with Gold Unveiled 1 Microsoft: September 2022 Xbox Games with Gold Unveiled
credits – news.xbox.com

You may create your own theme parks in Thrillville, which is only accessible through September 15. Create go-kart tracks, mini golf courses, and other amusement rides. To maintain your theme park lucratively, keep an eye on your visitors and make sure they’re satisfied. It is an original Xbox game that is playable with older Xbox models. essential for old-school players.

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On September 16, Double Kick Heroes and Portal 2 will be released in the middle of the month. adventure on rocks On Xbox Series X|S, Double Kick Heroes combines shoot ’em ups with rhythm games for a unique experience. 30 levels of crazy and insanity await, so grab your axe and get ready to rip.

Portal 2 is the iconic science fiction puzzle game that confronts its silent protagonist against the evil computer system, GLaDOS. You must get this classic game, which offers hours of fun and a fantastic co-op mode.

Microsoft: September 2022 Xbox Games with Gold Unveiled
credits – hitc.com

About the E3 2012: Portal 2

The original Portal benefited from its brevity, according to IGN’s 9.5/10 assessment of Portal 2. It had a succinct plot along with clever first-person puzzle elements that required you to use your imagination when pressing the button.

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The first Portal is reduced to the status of a prototype in Portal 2. A bigger cast of characters is featured, and some of the best voice acting ever heard in a video game is used to effectively bring them to life. When you’re finished with the single-player game, one of the best cooperative experiences available is waiting for you. Its puzzles are hard without being absurd.

From October 2022, Xbox Games with Gold will no longer include Xbox 360 titles, so be sure to purchase Portal 2. It’s a great game to finish out the Games with Gold selections for the Xbox 360. Check out what will be available on Xbox Game Pass in August.

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