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Microsoft plans to increase its Surface laptop business in India

With the pandemic opening new business opportunities for the company across consumer and enterprise markets, Microsoft has already increased its business in the last two years.

“It’s just been six years for Surface in India. And, the pandemic has been almost an accelerator of sorts with our business doubling in the last two years across commercial and consumer businesses,” Bhaskar Basu, Country Head – Devices (Surface), Microsoft India told ET.

“…we have a very bold aspiration for the next three years. And from where we are, we want to double our business further over the next 24 to 30 months. That’s the clear aspiration and the expectation from India, and our global organization,” he added.


He claims that growing digitisation across businesses has fueled demand for laptops, helping Microsoft increase Surface device sales in the country. The company’s Surface laptop and two-in-one portfolio now include eight models, with prices ranging from Rs 38,000 to Rs 40,000.

According to different market trackers, there is a ” huge amount of desire” in the country for Microsoft Surface devices, even though overall PC shipments are expected to fall.

“…consumers look to experiment and to try out new form factors. So, from a Surface perspective, we see a tremendous opportunity for us to grow. This growth will happen organically,” he added.

Microsoft CEO bets on the popularity of Windows for its Surface Business

Microsoft plans to increase its Surface laptop business in India
credit: Microsoft

The CEO stated that the laptop business is fiercely competitive since it is becoming a “commoditized space.” “Consumers and enterprises in India have a plethora of options available across platforms. “I’d like to believe that among Indian customers and beyond, Windows still has a really strong mindset,” he continued.

All entrepreneurs in India, including those without third-party approval or investment, can access the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub. It will provide free access to the technology, tools, and resources that startups require to establish and run their businesses.

According to Basu, the Windows ecosystem is still thriving in India, with partner OEMs like HP, Dell, and Lenovo fostering innovation at all price points.

When asked if Microsoft is a significant competitor to its OEM partners, Basu responded that the business believes in the “ecosystem” strategy of providing customers with options.

Microsoft’s Surface portfolio, according to Basu, has “certain areas of play” where it is doing well and growing. “And, in terms of pure device sales integrity, I believe our OEM partners will continue to drive that growth.” “And it’s something we want them to do,” he added.

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