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Login to LIC: Making Online payments of your Premium policy in 2024 (May 27)

Login to LIC: Customers can pay their premiums for their plans in a variety of ways through LIC. Authorized banks, franchisees, approved LIC agents, the LIC website, and even Paytm accept online payments for LIC policies. LIC has lately expanded its product line to accommodate the ever-changing needs of people from various walks of life.

It provides various insurance options, including life insurance and unit-linked insurance plans (ULIPs). Individuals have the freedom to select insurance policies that best suit their requirements.

Login to LIC: You can now pay your LIC premium online in a secure and efficient manner. The installment cycle differs between enrolled and non-enrolled clients. Customers, on the other hand, will benefit from the same efficiency and security of payment at any time and from any location.

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To pay their premiums, registered policyholders can Login to LIC and use the website’s e-seva option. People are increasingly choosing to make payments online for convenience as the banking and insurance industries have gone online.

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Here’s how you can Login to LIC Online and make payments:

  1. To access the “Online Services” section on the LIC India website (www.licindia.in) homepage, locate and click on the tab titled “Pay Premium Online.” This will redirect you to a new page presenting two options: “LIC Pay Direct” and “Pay Premium through e-Services.” Choose the first option by clicking on it.

  2. Upon selecting the first option, you will be directed to the LIC e-Services page. Here, opt for the “Registered User” option. On the subsequent page, enter your LIC login ID and password in the designated fields. After entering the required information, click the “Submit” button.

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  3. Before accessing your policy details, it is necessary to enroll your policy on the website. Look for the “Enroll policies” tab under the e-Services section and select it. This action will prompt you to provide your policy number and the amount of the due premium.

  4. Next, click on the tab labeled “View selected arrangements,” located on the left side of the page. A new page displaying a code will appear. Enter the code in the provided field and click “Submit.” This will allow you to view the specifics of your policy.

  5. Once you have accessed the online services portal, you will be able to view all your enrolled policies. To see the list of policies added to your LIC account, select the “LIC Pay Premium Online” tab.

  6. From the list of policies displayed on this page, choose the ones for which you wish to pay the premium. After making your selection, click the “Submit” button to confirm.

  7. Finally, you will be redirected to the payment gateway page. Here, you can opt to pay using your credit or debit card or through net banking.

Login to LIC: Making Online payments of your Premium policy

In addition to net banking, you can use your debit card to pay the premium on your LIC insurance by Login to LIC. The method is clear and easy to understand. Debit and credit card payments will be processed through the IDBI Gateway.

Once you click on the circle next to “IDBI Gateway,” you will be redirected to a different page where you can view the Convenience Fee and Service Tax associated with each Card Type. In order to determine the service tax applicable to your payment, you need to identify the type of card you have and the amount of the premium you must pay. Afterward, click on “Submit.”

On the next page, you will be prompted to enter your card information to complete the transaction. This may include your debit/credit card number, expiration date, CVV2/CVC2 number, cardholder name, email ID, and mobile phone number. You will also need to enter the displayed captcha code. Alternatively, you might have the option to pay using a password, OTP, or ATM PIN. Once you have provided the necessary information, select “Pay.” Upon successful payment, you will receive a receipt via the email address you provided or the one associated with your LIC policy.

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  1. Can we pay premium policy online?

    Yes!!!Visit the Insurance Company’s Website:Go to the official website of the insurance company that issued your policy.Login to Your Account:Log in to your online account on the insurance company’s website. If you don’t have an online account, you may need to register and create one.Navigate to Premium Payment Section:Look for a section related to premium payments or online services. This section is typically available in the customer portal.Select Your Policy:Choose the specific insurance policy for which you want to make a premium payment.Choose Payment Method:Select your preferred payment method. Options may include credit/debit card, net banking, UPI, or other digital payment methods.Enter Payment Details:Enter the necessary payment details, such as card information or banking details.Verify and Confirm:Verify the payment details and confirm the premium payment.Payment Confirmation:After successful payment, you should receive a confirmation message or email. You may also be able to download a premium payment receipt.

  2. What should I do if I encounter issues while making an online premium payment?

    If you encounter any issues during the online payment process, such as payment failures or technical glitches, contact your insurer’s customer service immediately for assistance and guidance on resolving the issue.

  3. Is there a logout option after logging in to LIC online?

    Yes, there is usually a logout option available on the LIC website or mobile app. It’s important to log out of your account after completing your session to ensure the security of your account information.

  4. What services can I access after logging in to LIC’s website?

    After logging in, you can access various services such as viewing your policy details, premium payments, policy status, loan information, claim status, and updating personal information.

  5. Is there a deadline for making premium payments online through LIC’s portal?

    Yes, there is usually a deadline for making premium payments online through LIC’s portal. It’s essential to pay premiums before the due date to avoid policy lapses or penalties. You can check your policy document or contact LIC for specific payment deadlines.

  6. Can I download premium payment receipts from LIC’s online portal?

    Yes, LIC’s online portal typically allows users to download premium payment receipts for their records. You can find and download receipts for your premium payments from the portal’s transaction history section.

  7. What should I do if I forget my login credentials for LIC’s online portal?

    If you forget your login credentials (user ID or password), you can use the “Forgot Password” or “Forgot User ID” option on LIC’s portal to reset your credentials. You may need to provide certain verification details for security purposes.

  8. Can I make an LIC premium payment without logging in?

    Yes, LIC offers an option to pay premiums without logging in through the ‘Pay Direct’ feature, which is available on their website. This is handy for users who have not registered for an online account.

  9. Can I log in to LIC using my policy number?

    No, you cannot log in to LIC using your policy number alone. You need to create a username and password to access the LIC Customer Portal.


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