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Lenovo Legion Go Could Be Going Lightweight with “Lite” Handheld Variant, Powered by AMD Z1

Apparently, Lenovo is preparing to unveil a smaller, slimmed-down version of its Legion Go handheld gaming computer. Calling this new model the “Legion Go Lite,” Lenovo appears to want to capitalize on the popularity of the initial Legion Go and cater to those looking for a more portable, less bulky version. After the positive reaction to Legion Go, Lenovo is furthering its gaming handheld portfolio according to info received by Windows Central.

Lenovo Legion Go

More About the Lenovo Legion Go

The former will undoubtedly be powered by an AMD Ryzen Z1 APU but we are unlikely to see a performance compromise IMO, as things start around $200 US. The design change will mainly be physical, shedding weight and thickness compared to its predecessor. This redesign will likely include detachable controllers and smaller displays, enhancing its portability and ease of use.

image 19 215 jpg Lenovo Legion Go Could Be Going Lightweight with "Lite" Handheld Variant, Powered by AMD Z1

However, Legion Go Lite is set to deliver the same level of performance you’d expect from its stark sibling. Lenovo APAC said new models in something like the Legion Go series are on the horizon, likely suggesting major reworks. However, specific details about these updates remain under wraps.

The first Lenovo Legion Go was popular based on its price-to-performance ratio. It did well to extend that AMD Ryzen Z1-based handheld sector. The New Lite version is expected to follow suit and should deliver great performance at a tempting price point. At less than $500 a pop, that would make the Legion Go Lite an under-the-radar killer in handheld gaming.

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image 19 216 jpg Lenovo Legion Go Could Be Going Lightweight with "Lite" Handheld Variant, Powered by AMD Z1

As gaming devices continue to become more and more travel-friendly, Lenovo has smartly placed itself ahead of the curve with a focus on creating an ultra-portable next-gen handheld gaming laptop for everyone. The Legion Go Lite could appeal to a wider audience by keeping the hefty specs of the former but improving portability.

In a nutshell, the Lenovo Legion Go Lite looks to be an exciting addition for gaming gamers in the company’s repertoire. If its expected performance benchmark figure and productivity enhancement aids pay dividends, it could well prove to be stiff competition for Lenovo downstream in the handheld gaming machine market.



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