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Kingdom Hearts 4 and Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link’s new trailer reveals the Massive Battle of Sora with the beats

At the series of  20th Anniversary events, Kingdom Hearts 4  and Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link had been revealed. It is true that Square Enix has given a big surprise to Kingdom Hearts fans. There is no platform release date /window for Kingdom  Hearts 4 to be revealed, it reveals such a  glimpse of Sora in the upcoming world of Quadratu,  with a  quick look at gameplay, and also at the ending the tease has been finished along with Donald and Goofy.

The new glimpse that was revealed an art style that matches very much with the last games, but it is a much more relisting look at this time. Square Enix also has confirmed that the game is now under development, and the wait may be the tough one.

The new trailer  starts   to say that this is about the “Lost Master Arc,” along with the narration by saying,” if this is not the ending  it desires- if  it brings your despair- then leave this world  for another.”

Kingdom Hearts 4 and Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Announced at the Series'  20th Anniversary Event - IGN

The new footage starts in a  forest and after that, it reveals the transitions in the large city. Sora has also been seen to be waking up in the apartment, and after that, the trailer reveals Strelitzia a  character that first appears in Kingdom Hearts Union X.

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It reveals all of those peaceful for a moment getting a threat that manifesting in the sky that also resembles a massive heartless.

In the quick tease of gameplay, we see Sora and his iconic key flying across the sky, climbing, surfing onto the walls also even using all his weapon as grappling hooks of some sort. This time Sora has seen less animated. The entire surroundings cover with a  spiky-haired protagonist also hot such as a simple and clean upgrade. The new teaser reveals Sora is battling with a  Heartless monster like the initial beast who haunted the Destiny Islands at the beginning of the first game.

Goofy and Donald also has been appearing at the ending without  Sora, and they also look like on the search for their friend as Donald asks,”: I wonder where he is?” after that a  mysterious figure off-screen startles them telling,” hey! Just where do you think you are going?” Donald and Goofy become shocked and the video just cuts into black with the phrase, “: Magic in the Making”.

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Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link announced in video, with the latest chapter of  Dark Road - 🕹️ Geekinco

Now we will come into Kingdom Hearts Missing Link which is definitely the latest iOS/Android game that reveals a 3D action familiar with the mainline entries with a   closed beta test containing planning for later in2022. It has been set into the realm of Scala as Caelum and definitely will permit the players to join in this  engage in exhilarating fights  against the Heartless  and  discover  a new, original story.”

It was also declared that the final chapter of  Kingdom Hearts Dark Road will be a drop in August 2022 as a  free update with the Kingdom Hearts Union x Dark Road app.

The last time Kingdom Heart 23  was dropped in 2019 got a  huge response from the audiences.

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