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Jupiter Meta Launches NFTs for Social Change

To relay 50% of the proceeds of NFTs listed by artists to the Akshaya Patra Foundation

CHENNAI, 30 May 2022: To use its platform to drive social change, Jupiter Meta, an integrated Web 3.0 entity, has launched art NFTs on its digital marketplace to inspire people to be catalysts for social change by channelling a percentage of the sales to social upliftment. In a first in the country, Jupiter Meta has curated a list of NFTs in collaboration with four artists. There are 22 digital art pieces to choose from on the Jupiter Meta marketplace, priced between INR 6,000 and INR 12,000, and 50% of proceeds from each NFT sale will go to a not-for-profit cause: currently—the Akshaya Patra Foundation. Jupiter Meta will eventually partner with more NGOs for this cause.

Along with the art NFT being deposited in their wallet, users will get a zero-value social token badge, which will also be given to the artist making the sale. These tokens generate plenty of social value and can be displayed on social media, used as a sticker, or even be sent as a message asking others to participate in the program.

Jupiter Meta Launches NFTs for Social Change

Speaking on the decision to integrate technology and art to elevate fundraising and make it more involved and personal, Rambabu Kaipa, CTO of Jupiter Meta, who’s also an artist, said, “Understanding the obstacles to mobilise funds for a cause and overcoming them through technology-enabled solutions adds value to the digital ecosystem and creates on-ground impact. We want to unite people and their stories through the language of art and realise its potential to touch people personally.”

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As a fully curated marketplace, Jupiter Meta has already held programs focused on forging meaningful societal impact. An example is its ‘Icons of Singara Chennai’ wall art project, beautifying public spaces in Chennai and aimed at bolstering the creator ecosystem.

The latest project is part of the company’s continued effort to break the perception of NFT marketplaces as merely a medium of trade.

Commenting on the project, Manasa Rajan, CEO of Jupiter Meta, said, “Our vision for Jupiter Meta goes beyond being a mere marketplace. Creating actual, quantifiable impact through initiatives that have the power to improve lives is a huge element of our focus. We’re glad to connect artists with a social cause and allow their ideas to transcend the medium.”

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Jupiter Meta will bridge the artist and buyer, simultaneously contributing to social change and engineering transformation. The company hopes to set a precedent, encouraging musicians, artists, sportspeople, and other personalities to use NFTs to create a positive impact and reach as many people as possible.


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