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The Best NFT Games Available in 2022

Since NFTs were first introduced, they have seen a huge amount of development in the way that people use them. One of the main ways that we can see them incorporated into the modern world is through the media of gaming. There are a lot of games that have started to use NFTs, to the point that there is now a lot of choice for anyone who would like to get involved in playing these different games. Some of the most popular are going to be discussed in a bit more detail throughout the below article. 

How to Stay on Top of NFTs 

If, upon reading this list, you are interested in how you can stay on top of all of the different NFTs that become available, then you will be happy to know that this is very easy to do, so long as you know the right websites to look at. You are going to want to make sure that you are familiar with websites which discuss in more detail which NFTs are most popular now. One of these is OKX.com, which is a perfect resource for anyone interested in trading and simply being in the know about these relatively new tokens. There is an NFT marketplace at OKX.com and so, by keeping up to date with this market, you are going to be able to see which games are doing the best at the moment in what is proving to be a relatively competitive market. 

Top NFT Games 

If you are interested in playing NFT games, then some of the most popular titles out there now include: 

  • Axie Infinity 

Axie Infinity is one of the more popular options out there and it is famous for borrowing from the Pokemon game series. Every single creature in the game is unique, meaning that it has its strengths and weaknesses that you can take advantage of from within the game. One of the main benefits of NFTs is their unique nature and nothing highlights this in the same way that Axie Infinity does. As such, it is hardly a surprise that it is one of the most exciting NFT games out there now. 

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  • Gods Unchained 

Gods Unchained is a game which is free to play and is designed so that it can infuse the new NFT element into what is already a popular card game. Players will earn cards in this game by winning them from other players and these wins will eventually work in their favour as they gradually improve their gameplay ability. 

  • Splinterlands

This is also a free to play card game where users are given the ability to earn as they play. This is quite like Gods unchained and, as such, if that game sounded appealing to you, you should also consider giving Splinterlands a try. You will find that, once you familiarise yourself with the different kinds of cards, you are going to be in a much better position to proceed with the game. 

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