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iPhone 13 is the best-selling smartphone in 2022: Canalys

iPhones in 2022 seem to have ruled the world and where Androids are all over the market cancelling out each one’s share, Apple’s simple lineup of iPhones is giving good results across the globe. The simplified models that too launch a few of them a year help them sell more iPhones in the world than others.

Apple sold 73 million units of iPhone 13 in 2022 alone!

As we all know Samsung and Apple are the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world but did you know, the iPhone 13 sold as many as 73 million units worldwide just in 2022? A massive number is really unimaginable because the next three best-selling smartphones in 2022 as per Canalys if combined will total such a large number.

iPhone 13 is the best-selling smartphone in 2022: Canalys

The next two smartphones in our list are the Samsung Galaxy A13, iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone SE (2022), which sold in the 25, and 24 million marks respectively. Though there are other phones including iPhone 14, Redmi Note 11 and others, what’s interesting is that out of the Top 10, seven of them are by Apple!

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But why iPhone 13?

This is the superpower Apple has because of a simple lineup and gaining the trust of its phones, people are relying on them without any hesitance. The psychological benefit Apple has gained with iPhone 13 is that it discounted the same when the new iPhone 14 series launched, increasing its value for money.

Apple iPhone 13 is getting a massive discount on the Amazon Prime Day Sale
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Also, as you will see there’s not much difference between the 13 and 14 base variants, so people understood getting an iPhone 13 during the sale or even at the base price made more sense for those who needed an iPhone in general. Even in a mass market like India, making the iPhone 13 in-house and selling at lower prices, or slashing prices during big sales benefitted Apple.

This is why this 2021 iPhone made a greater impact last year making it the best-selling phone with 73 million units being sold in a calendar year! Do you own one for yourself or waiting for one for yourself? Let us know in the comments down below…😁

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