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Intel Xe HPG Scavenger Hunt is about to end and the promise of me 300 free Intel ARC Alchemist GPUs is coming near

Intel announced the Intel Xe-HPG Scavenger Hunt to their followers in October, promising up to 300 free ARC Alchemist graphics cards.

One of their latest discrete graphics cards, the Intel ARC Alchemist, will be given away to ten accurate responses from questions posed on social media and their website. For those who didn’t win the first ARC Alchemist model, there are other prizes available, like an Intel Performance graphics card, Intel swag, or a six-month subscription to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass online gaming service. A six-month subscription to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass online gaming service is also up for grabs.

Four of the ten questions were released yesterday, one every six hours until Intel disclosed the final one. All questions must be answered and entered on the official scavenger hunt website by the end of the month, January 31st. All of the questions have a clue that the winners can revel in any tweets they make once the question has been shown for a certain amount of time. On the contest website, Intel uses up to nine different Twitter accounts.

Winners who aren’t fortunate enough to win the top prize or first place can still receive money. After the official launch, up to 1,000 second-place winners will receive a $100 Intel ARC Alchemist card reward, while 2,000 third-place winners will receive a $50 Intel voucher. Winners of vouchers can cash in their winnings through one of the company’s official third-party manufacturers. Intel intends to offer up to $430,000 in prizes in total.

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With the GPU market stagnating, winning any of the Intel awards is good for users. The chances of winning one of the top 300 prizes are extremely slim. Nonetheless, having the chance to win a new premium graphics processor, as well as vouchers to use on Intel products and more, is a fantastic opportunity for users.

The ARC Alchemist discrete graphics cards were unveiled by Intel at CES 2022, with a release date predicted this year. Xe-Core technology is used in the Xe-HPG Alchemist GPU. The Xe-Core is a compute block made up of 16 Vector Engines (each with 256 bits) and 16 Matrix Engines (1024-bit per engine).

Each Vector Engine has 8 ALUs, for a total of 128 ALUs per Xe-Core. The XMX block, which will manage tensor operations in both FP16 and INT8 modes, is the focus of each Matrix Engine block. A dedicated L1 cache will be included in the Xe-Core.

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