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NVIDIA and Dish Network are clashing over the Graphics Cardmakers use of the word “Hopper”

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NVIDIA is working on a future GPU line that will be called Hopper, after the American computer scientist Grace Hopper. However, an odd party surfaces when Team Green files for a trademark on the Hopper moniker, claiming that Team Green is infringing on their own ‘Hopper’ product.

NVIDIA sought to trademark the name of their future series of data centre graphics processors, the NVIDIA Hopper GPU, about three years ago. Dish Network, on the other hand, sells ‘Hopper’-branded DVRs and satellite receivers.

Both firms went to court in April 2021 to battle over the usage of the “Hopper” name, with Dish Network claiming trademark infringement. Consumers may confuse Dish Network LLC’s Hopper family of products, which includes Hopper, Hopper Go, Hopper Duo, and Hopper Plus, among others, with NVIDIA’s latest graphics card, according to the company.


The most intriguing aspect of NVIDIA’s trademark registration is that it covers the graphics card, cloud computing services, numerous software applications, and, strangely enough, LCD screens.

This year, NVIDIA plans to deliver a brand-new graphics card architecture. Grace Hopper, a scientist who created the COBOL programming language and invented the first compiler, was honoured with the name. The next-generation architecture, according to Tom’s Hardware, will be a multi-chip modular design similar to TSMC’s 5nm node technology. It’s expected that the project will use high-performance computing (HPC).

The two firms have sought to reach an agreement after April 2021. Several suspensions were made in the months following until December 2021, when both firms requested another 60-day hiatus. This was the eighth postponement of proceedings between Dish Network LLC and NVIDIA over the trademark infringement complaint in the last year.

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The company’s ambitions to release the new data center GPU series later this year may force it to reach an out-of-court settlement with Dish Network LLC to ship its product line this year. If not, NVIDIA will presumably rebrand the product so as not to aggravate the defendant any further.

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