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Intel Iris Xe Max features Deep Link, allowing it to smash Nvidia MX30 in performance

Intel has released some new details on its new Iris Xe MAX discrete GPU. It will feature the same 96 EUs as its integrated counterpart, but unlike it, it has a higher TDP that can push the clock speed to 1.65GHz and comes with a dedicated 4GB memory. The GPU also features variable-rate shading and Intel DLBoost and works over PCIe 4.0.

Intel Iris Xe (iGPU) and Xe MAX (dGPU) are practically the same. So intel was desperately searching for new technology to compensate for the performance of the new GPUs. Intel found the technology in the form of its Deep Link.

Deep Link is a platform innovation that allows Intel to tap the integrated GPU and dedicated GPU together and the CPU. It is a massive boost in terms of GPU performance.

Roger Chandler, vice president and general manager of Client XPU Product and Solutions in the Intel Architecture, stated, “We set out to redefine the role of discrete graphics in thin-and-light laptops and address a growing segment of creators who want more portability. Iris Xe MAX graphics and Intel® Deep Link technology serve as examples of the kind of platform-level innovation that Intel plans to bring to market in the future as we execute to our scalable Xe roadmap.”

Deep Link will aggregate multiple processing engines through a common software framework. It will bring new capabilities and better performance to the PCs using it. The framework helps laptops by maximizing CPU performance and boosting the artificial intelligence (AI) creation performance.

The Intel Iris Xe MAX easily beats NVIDIA’s MX350 in the benchmark. However, Intel Iris Xe MAX GPU is seen to offer more consistent performance throughout the gaming tiers. It can achieve 30+ fps on most AAA titles while running on low-medium settings.

Intel® Iris® Xe MAX graphics will be available for Acer Swift 3x, Asus VivoBook Flip TP470, and Dell Inspiron 15 7000 2 in 1 from today. These are the first devices to adopt the 11th Gen Intel Core mobile processors along with Intel Iris Xe MAX graphics and Intel Deep Link technology.


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