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Intel’s Core i9-13900K Raptor Lake CPU outperforms Intel Core i9-12900K and Ryzen 9 5950X CPUs in new Benchmark   

The Core i9-13900K Raptor Lake CPU leaks from Intel don’t appear to be stopping, and the most recent ExtremePlayer multi-threading benchmarks show off some incredible capabilities that destroy the Core i9-12900K and Ryzen 9 5950X CPUs.

The top-tier Raptor Lake CPU is the Intel Core i9-13900K, which has 24 cores and 32 threads in an 8 P-Core and 16 E-Core architecture. The CPU is set up to run at 3.0 GHz base speed, 5.8 GHz single-core boost (1-2 cores), and 5.5 GHz all-core boost (all 8 P-Cores). The CPU has a 125W PL1 rating that goes up to 250W and 68 MB of shared cache. When operating in “Extreme Performance Mode,” which we covered here a few hours ago, the CPU can use up to 350W of electricity.

Core i9-13900K
Credit: wccftech

The tech publication has published cache and memory benchmarks using CPU-z, Cinebench R23, and AIDA64 for three different Intel Core processors: the Core i9-13900K, Core i7-13700K, and Core i5-13600K. According to the data, the Core i9-13900K can overclock all of its P-Cores up to 6.2 GHz and all of its E-Cores up to 5.2 GHz.

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The Intel Core i7-13700K can reach 6.2 GHz on its P-Cores as well, while its E-Cores can only go as fast as 4.7 GHz. The ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 APEX motherboard served as the platform for the tests, while the MSI MEG Z690I Unify served as the platform for the memory overclocks. The cooling system comprised an AIO that was liquid-cooled.

The CPU-z Intel Core i9-13900K got 1011 points in single-core tests and 16627.8 points in multi-core tests, with a P-core clock speed of 6.2 GHz and an E-core clock speed of 4.7 GHz.

Core i9-13900K
Credit: wccftech

However, the multi-thread score increased by 18% to 19550 points when the P-Core and E-Core clocks were 6.1 GHz and 5.2 GHz, respectively. The single-core score changed little, falling to 991 points, but the multi-threaded performance unquestionably benefited more from the E-core overclock because there are more E-cores than P-cores in total (8 vs 16).

In terms of how this performance compares to that of current CPUs, the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X and Intel Core i9-12900K were outperformed by the Intel Core i9-13900K, which was nearly 65% faster with an overclock of 6.1/5.2 GHz. This demonstrates how much performance can be obtained with the forthcoming chips by overclocking them with the proper cooling system and motherboard.

Core i9-13900K
Credit: wccftech

Additionally, it has been demonstrated that existing Z690 motherboards may support memory speeds of up to 7400 Mbps with Intel Raptor Lake CPUs. While DDR5-6800 is thought to be the sweet spot, the Core i9-13900K supported DDR5-7400 and the Core i7-13700K/Core i5-13600K had decent support for DDR5-7000 memory.

Additionally, DDR5 memory up to DDR4-4256-CL17 is supported by Gear 1. The Intel Core i9-13900K used about 400W of power at a voltage of over 1.5V, whereas the Core i7-13700K used about 290W at a value of over 1.5V to achieve a comparable 6.2 GHz P-Core overclock.

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