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How to Integrate Live Casino Games to iGaming Platform

iGaming platforms come with varieties of features that make players stick to them and one of them is live casino gaming. Despite the wide range of games available on different platforms, many players prefer going with live casinos. For prospective operators who are looking forward to owning an iGaming platform, it is very important to integrate live casinos into your platform as the number of players demanding it keeps rising from time to time. 

With live casino gaming, players can enjoy a real-life experience even from their screens. Different from the same experience they used to have with computer-generated games, the actions here are live which comes from a live gaming studio by experts and experienced human croupiers. 

Integrating live games into the iGaming platform requires a live casino API. This  API solution is a highly scalable one that helps iGaming operators integrate content into their platforms, including casino gaming and sport. However, this API solution provides users with a wide range of major functions such as the following :

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  • Timely and swift updates of content such as the latest games and sports events 
  • They can easily pair with any software from third-parties
  • Compatible with iGaming business of any scale 

Website API can be a comprehensive solution, however, it is unique for its price, wide range of functions, simple layouts, and how it is being managed. For iGaming operators, the website gaming API solution includes:

  • A frontend solution you can customize
  • Timely updates of both content and platform
  • Multiple choice of casino games and sports content
  • All-in-one API for different content such as payment and product components
  • External API solution that allows you to integrate different software or product module, including the ones that come from third parties 
  • An internal seamless solution for iGaming content 
  • Internal seamless API for iGaming content, payment solutions, and product components integration

When iGaming operators can access this  API solution, it helps them in integrating different varieties of sports into their platforms, including virtual sports, eSports, live sports, and lots more. This will also make it possible to integrate players’ favorite leagues and matches and other types of events. The top software provider will provide operators with a fully-fledged platform that offers players different games of their choice. 

Developing and expanding existing gaming content using an API solution

Apart from using website API to integrate live casino games into your iGaming platform, they can go to existing iGaming platforms to expand their content. This is possible when they collaborate and partner with top developers or software providers in the casino world. Many software providers help to incorporate comprehensive live casino solutions into their iGaming platform which provide players with everything they need in live gaming. 

You can expand your existing casino game content through your software provider using solutions such as seamless API. This solution is a highly adaptable one and does not need much when it comes to not just integrating casino games into your platform but also helping in expanding your existing content. At the same time, the API solution provides timely updates for your existing content such as live casinos. 

Another solution casino operators can use to expand the existing gaming content on their iGaming live casino games platform is Turnkey solutions. This reliable and professional software helps casino operators and other users in launching a platform even from the lowest, building the platform into the desired stage within a very short period. This solution provides operators with live casinos with full functional delivery – this helps in managing one’s account personally  

Most betting shops can employ retail solutions as this is designed for them. The solution makes it possible for bet shop owners in expanding their betting business with games. When you integrate live casino games into your iGaming platform using this solution, you enjoy personalized user dashboards, regular updates of content and system, and full reporting. With live casino API, operators looking forward to going above other live dealer operators can get seamless integration as the solution is easy to integrate, providing them with the following benefits such as 

  • User-friendly and responsible design 
  • Enhanced affiliate system
  • Localization of language
  • 24/7 customer service support 
  • Itch-free and flexible system of bonus 
  • Integration of a less difficult payment system
  • User-friendly back office and lots more 


Integrating live games into iGaming platforms does not have to be difficult. With the rise in demand for live casinos, there is a need for every iGaming platform to integrate it into their platforms. However, doing this requires the best API solution such as the one mentioned above. Apart from integrating live casinos into your platform, existing operators can also use the API solution to expand their content to engage more casino players.

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