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Top 4 tricks to read Instagram messages without being seen

The most widely utilized platform today is Instagram. The application lets you speak with your pals as well as share photos and videos. A “seen” tag is added below the message when you open a message that someone has sent you, indicating that you have done so.

There are situations when you might prefer not to read the message aloud in case the recipient finds out. You can read Instagram chats without anyone seeing you by using a few tactics:

1. Notifications

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Instagram alerts are the most discrete way to read messages without being seen. The user’s message can be viewed in depth by just swiping down on it. If the other party has sent several lengthy messages, this may not be effective. If you’ve previously deleted the message notice, utilize “notification history” to view older alerts. Go to Settings and type “notification history” into the search bar to accomplish this.

2. Flight mode

Using Flight mode on your phone to read Instagram messages is the simplest method possible. Start by activating Flight mode on your phone. Open the social media application right now and read the message you wish to read. After reading the notice, if you still want to avoid the “seen” tag, complete the following action before disabling Flight mode.

To view the app information, click and hold the Instagram app icon. Click “Force halt” or “Disable” at this point. After completing this, you can disable Flight mode. The other person will be aware that you have read their message once you open Instagram, so keep that in mind.

3. Logging Out

The message is marked as “seen” in the technique described above when you open Instagram after exiting Flight mode. When you read the message but still want to access Instagram, you can utilize this method.

Your smartphone should be set to not use Wi-Fi or mobile data. Launch Instagram and click the text you would like to read. Go to settings and log out of Instagram after you have finished reading the message. It won’t indicate that the message has been seen after you login into the application now.

4. Restricting the account

You can also use the strategy of restricting accounts before viewing their messages. Visit the person’s profile whose messages you want to view. Next, select the three dots menu located in the upper right corner. Click “Restrict” at this point. Finally, select “Message” from the user’s profile drop-down menu. After finishing, you can go back to their profile and remove the restriction.

In conclusion, while this social media giant doesn’t offer a native feature to read messages without notifying the sender, there are several tricks you can use to read Instagram messages without being seen. From aeroplane mode to third-party apps, these tricks can help you maintain your privacy and avoid awkward situations.

However, it’s important to note that using these tricks may violate Instagram’s terms of service, and it’s always best to use them responsibly and ethically. Remember to respect other users’ privacy and use these tricks only when necessary.


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