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How AI is disrupting key industries from Cooking to Retail

Artificial Intelligence is here in our life and how!

What seemed like a story straight out of science fiction a few years ago has today become a reality. While technology has evolved at an exponential rate in the last decade, it is Artificial Intelligence or AI that has spearheaded that revolution in our everyday lives. It has been seen that AI has been disrupting various industries from cooking to healthcare to retail to logistics.

Through automation of workforce planning, automating production, automating manufacturing and product design, many companies have leveraged AI to reach the pinnacle of efficiency with the products and services they provide. Here are a few industries that are utilising AI to the fullest and bringing about a transformation in our everyday lives.

How AI is disrupting key industries from Cooking to Retail


From automating customer care support to improving fraud detection, to loan approvals, to safe and secure transactions Artificial Intelligence has enabled banking and financial institutions to automate their entire process. Paycorp.io is one such fintech offering unique service of automated recurring payment solutions for customers. These payments can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. Apt for companies that need to pay salaries to employees or pay their vendors and also for individuals who pay EMIs or bills, the app not just saves manpower, but time and money as well.

Timely payments ensure prevention of imposition of late fees, and also saves the businesses the harassment of running after payment defaulters. With no human intervention needed, one can pay through ACH, UPI, cards, WhatsApp, link push as well as through sites. It has direct interface with six banks, enabling quick and prompt payment.


Well, as they say, everybody belongs in the kitchen because food is there! While some love to cook and term it as an art, there are others who find it an uphill task. For people in both the spectrums, On2Cook, an AI-based combination cooking appliance is the way option, for it cooks food to precision while saving 70% energy and 50% cooking time. With its dedicated IoT enabled app, the device makes the cognitive load negligible by automating the cooking process, while sharing recipes for the amateurs. Built on the research that food cooked faster preserves more water-soluble as well as other nutrients, colour, consistency, texture etc, it is perfect for both commercial and domestic kitchens.

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AI in healthcare industry has ensured that patients get the right treatment, automated diagnostics, customer support as well as delivery of medicines, all in one place. This enables the job of the healthcare providers as they get all the relevant information in one place. HealthifyMe is anapp based health and wellness company that provides overall tracking of health stats as well as timely dietary and exercise advice. With the help of wearable technology, the app monitors calories consumed, calories spent during exercise and everyday activities and also suggests modifications to gain maximum impact. It makes the user the king by providing them expert guidance right from the comfort of their homes.


Traditionally, logistics has been one industry which essentially worked on manpower and fleet of vehicles taking loads from one place to another. AI impacted the industry directly by helping track individual parcels as well as vehicles, and also making the lives easier for the drivers. It has also automated the paperwork, thereby needing less people, while others can focus on other things. LogiNext is one such company that provides AI enabled solutions in the logistics industry for on field work planning, optimisation of resources and tracking the fleet. The platform tracks not just their own fleet but third party drivers too, enabling live tracking of consignments.


AI has impacted the retail industry through inventory management, making of adaptive homepage, providing a seamless experience to e-commerce as well as store customers, automation of supply chain, warehousing etc. Fashinza is one such AI enabled company that produces on-demand solutions for the fashion industry. Using artificial intelligence, the platform enables clothing and fashion firms to connect with suppliers and producers. This tech-enabled platform provides solutions to businesses to track each procurement phase, including fabric design, price and sample, production, quality control, and delivery. Items like shirts, sweatshirts, pants, and home textiles are featured in its catalogue.

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