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Guide for HITMAN 3- End of An Era (Chongqing)


Agent 47 is informed by Olivia that the case file which we obtained from the mansion in England in the third mission of Hitman 3 is trash and is of no use now. Since the headquarter facilities of ICA are in Chongqing, China, and it’s covered by more than a 2.5million cameras covering 15million people, Privacy is just a word in this place. Pretty ironic isn’t it that ICA keeps his most valuable secret here. There are two targets Imogen Royce and Hush, in this mission which are to be taken down to get closer to the secrets of ICA.

hitman103new 1 Guide for HITMAN 3- End of An Era (Chongqing)

The fourth mission of the hitman takes place in Chongqing, China and the graphics and lighting of this area are outstanding. The game begins with Agent 47 standing in a bridge of Chongqing in rain, there can be a few fps drop if you are playing on a low-end pc otherwise things should just be fine for you. Because this map is very more detailed and graphics-based than the other maps.


People who are homeless get the attention of Hush as he experiments with various homeless guys and fits some kind of a machine so that he could get more powerful.

hitman94new Guide for HITMAN 3- End of An Era (Chongqing)

Mission story- Impulse control

Head straight towards the stair after going ahead, you will see a bridge kind of a road just turn left you will see a lane there follow the lane, you will find a homeless guy taking it will show mission story revealing, change your outfit to that homeless guy, go ahead there will be a guy standing who will guide you to the experiment area just follow him, Resist when the experiment is going on at the 2nd time that will cause Hush to die. Get out of the area by acquiring a doctor’s outfit.

hitman93new Guide for HITMAN 3- End of An Era (Chongqing)

2nd Story mission-Certainly principle

Go to the main street where you came at the first head left you will see a Chinese restaurant enter it you will see a story quest blinking. Track and obeying the mission guidelines will lead you to your target Royce find a good opportunity to kill her then hide her body

hitman91new Guide for HITMAN 3- End of An Era (Chongqing)

Last Objective

The last objective of the mission is to leak all the ICA data that are stored safely in the headquarters of Chongqing, China. Locate the mission area using instinct vision then unlock the door by using a camera to go ahead and pick up the tier 3 access dongle. Access the terminal then leak the data. Your job is done locate the exit and finish your mission.


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